Floor Plan Of A Simple House

By | March 3, 2023

Floor Plan Of A Simple House – Today is the 2nd installment of 24 articles in our year-long series called “The Simple House Project.” Every 2 weeks, we will publish an article or video covering the process from start to finish. From permits, plans and construction of the exterior, to the complete interior finish – we hope to document the challenges, trials and tribulations of creating a simple house that is completely cost-effective, energy-efficient and earth-friendly – with only the space . We really need to live comfortably.

Let me first say that we loved all the comments and suggestions after our first segment two weeks ago. The response so far has been amazing, and it makes us realize how many people out there are really looking at downsizing and living bigger – with less! As we have said from the beginning of this project – finding the “perfect small house design” will be different for each person – and by sharing our ideas – we hope to inspire others to find theirs.

Floor Plan Of A Simple House

Floor Plan Of A Simple House

The simple fact is that if you really want to downsize – you have to make cuts somewhere in living space. For us – we chose to eliminate the ones we don’t use at all – like our current living room, dining room and unused bedrooms. In addition, we cut down on room sizes that seem to eat up a lot of unused space for no reason – like bedrooms. Take for example most of today’s master bedroom plans that create “sitting areas and wide open spaces”. For us, we just wouldn’t use them – so we eliminated this site from our plan.

Single Story Small House Plan Floor Plan

At a whopping 1056 square feet of main floor space, and an additional 200 or so square feet of loft space – our floor plan doesn’t exactly boast “castle-like” dimensions. But by planning the space we have to fit our needs – we feel like it’s more than enough to do everything we could ever want – without breaking the bank.

Floor Plan Of A Simple House

We knew more than anything else we wanted a large combined space for the kitchen and living area for the Simple House.

Our current home’s setup of a large combined kitchen and family room space has worked really well for us – and it’s where we spend nearly all of our waking hours. It’s where we prepare and eat our meals, talk, read, visit and entertain – and the new design makes full use of that.

Floor Plan Of A Simple House

Ground Floor Plan

There are a lot of storage ideas that we will carry over to the new house design – like Mary’s pull-out spice drawer set-up!

In fact – we will actually gain space in the area – from our current home setup of 16′ wide x 34′ long family room/kitchen area (544 sq. ft.), to the simple house plan that will be 24′ wide x 30 ′ long (720 sq. feet). There are also plenty of windows to add to the openness, including a double set of glass doors that will open from the living space to the porch that overlooks the farm below.

Floor Plan Of A Simple House

The kitchen and the living space are completely together and a part of each other so that we can talk, prepare meals and visit with guests, all without feeling cramped. We will add a large prep island to the kitchen area and small 3′ x 5′ kitchen table as well – which will give us plenty of room to enjoy meals and company – and the large open space of the two rooms will allow up of additional Tables if ever needed for a large dinner.

Online Floor Plan Creator

With the large size of the open space – we can even bring in our barn table to host a big meal if needed 🙂

Floor Plan Of A Simple House

This setup completely eliminates two wasted rooms from our current home – our living room and dining room – but still allows us the option of a huge space if needed to entertain. Less maintenance, less to heat and cool – and of course – less cost to build!

One of the biggest challenges of a smaller home is what to do with doors – if they move out – they can block the hallway. If they move in – they can eat up the floor space in the smaller rooms. So we simply eliminated them and replaced the interior openings with sliding barn doors and pocket doors.

Floor Plan Of A Simple House

Simple House Design 8.5×12 With 4 Bedrooms

Not only do we think they will fit the farm and house theme perfectly – the large openings to our bedroom and bathroom will be more than wide enough to accommodate handicap accessibility if needed. The sliding doors can also easily be operated with a push button if necessary.

The back of the house plan is a very simple plan with a single hallway leading off the kitchen and sliding barn door access to the bedroom, bathroom and laundry room. We also included a space-saving pocket door design to enter the mechanical/storage space area at the back of the house.

Floor Plan Of A Simple House

Much like we did when we built our reclaimed barn – we will build our barn doors for the house

Small Home Plan With 3 Bedrooms

The bathroom will have a very large walk in shower – which is also handicap accessible. The plan currently shows a double sink – but we will most likely take this down to one – realizing we just don’t need two sinks. We can then use the space for a small closet or rack for linens and bathroom supplies.

Floor Plan Of A Simple House

The laundry room will have space for the washer/dryer and a much-needed utility sink – along with room for an upright freezer. That is a must for us for storing goods from the garden! In the back of the house – we added a small utility and mechanical room to keep the main floor plan open.

At 14′ x 10′ – the master bedroom may seem small to most – but for us it fits the bill. We really don’t need massive unused space in the room – and it’s more than big enough to accommodate any size bed. We still have enough room for a couple of built-in closets, and will use the back of the stairs for additional bedroom closet space.

Floor Plan Of A Simple House

Traditional Two Storey House Design At 2001 Sq.ft (with Plan)

Adding to an open feel – the room will have a double set of French doors that open to the porch that overlooks the farm – which is more than enough to keep us both happy!

The loft space will be used as an extra bedroom/office space for now – but will also have knee wall storage down both sides for long term storage.

Floor Plan Of A Simple House

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Basic 3d House Floor Plan Top View Stock Photo

This simple house design, three-bedroom, one-story house plans not only packs a lot of charm, but it also provides enough space and will meet all your needs with its modern design. This is a one-story floor plan that catches the eye. It has a unique design design that speaks of functionality and coziness. From the minute you walk into the house you get a cozy feeling of warmth.

Floor Plan Of A Simple House

These single story house plans with pictures have a small front porch area, the ideal place for you to greet your guests and welcome them into your residence. Once you enter the home, you will be greeted by the spacious dining room that opens into a much larger open living room. Each of these spaces has a window.

The good-sized kitchen is well laid out, thus offering a great cooking experience to anyone lucky enough to cook in it. The simple 3 bedrooms are also well-sized. However, the master suite is a bit bigger. This home has only one passage that gives you access to the three bedrooms kitchen and bath in the house. Currently, the kitchen has a backdoor, another safe entry and exit from the building.

Floor Plan Of A Simple House

Small 3 Bedroom House Plans Pin Up Houses

Indeed, our design has many features that appeal to today’s modern homeowners. Your guest will be impressed with how beautifully laid out the home is. Whether you need a place to call your dream retirement home or you’re just looking to grow your family in a low profile, casual and asymmetrical home, this simple one story house plan is one of the most critical choices you can make. These simple one-story house plans have so much to offer; You need to make it your next home!

One story house plans have grown to be one of the most common house styles available in the home design market nowadays. For many reasons, this form was greatly favored by many families and individuals. However, the aging population tends to consider it the best, as it incorporates no stairs. Besides, parents can rest assured of the safety of their kids in a one-story home because there is no possibility that they can slip off stairs and

Floor Plan Of A Simple House

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