Floating Corner Shelf Ideas for Your Home

If you have limited space in your home, the floating corner shelf is one way for creating unique, creative and awesome storage and display furniture in your home. The floating corner shelf is able to use for display your collection, book or even storage ideas when you put drawer on it. There are many design for floating corner shelf such as rounded corner shelf, triangle shelf, square and many more depend to your requirement. If you are looking for the creative floating corner shelf, then this can be your inspiration for DIY or custom floating corner shelf.

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The first ideas is floating corner shelf that equipped with storage drawer. In this design, you can put small drawer inside the shelf. For the first idea, the triangle floating corner shelf with two drawers is available for you to create. This drawer make your items will be more storage and organized. For next ideas is floating corner shelf for your book storage.

This shelf can perform well into your bedroom desk or into your home office corner desk. The first idea comes by creating full length vertical floating corner shelf that derived from several shelves. The shelf uses the Rectangular shelves that reach length between the windows at two sided walls. The height from each shelf is customizing from small into big to suit with the book height. For the next ideas, the modern book corner shelf that coordinate several lengths of shelf and it coordinate with different composition for creating zig-zag design.

Next idea is for creating floating corner shelf for display. This floating corner shelf is use for displaying your collection or decoration item. If you need floating corner shelf that use not only for display and storage, then this ideas can be your next floating corner shelf décor ideas. For the first idea, come from DIY pipe corner shelf. It combines the pipe that use for the frame and the composition is alternate to create slim design with plywood for the cover top.

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You also can use simple bracket for install the plywood for the shelf. Next is decorative corner shelf that designed by combining cubes box for display your small herbs plants, small décor items and statues or cactus. This corner shelf use the layered cubes that makes it look as steps cubes. If you have empty space in your closets, then you can use the corner for create corner shelf for shoes storage.

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