Feng Shui Colors and Its Meaning

By | December 16, 2021

Everywhere we are, we are surrounded by the colors, starting from the wall colors into the interior color, furniture and appliances also covered by the colors. The colors indeed store something inside the colors. They could either give you strength or give you spirit. The tradition of Chinese of putting the feng shui into the color could bring the certain miracles to your house. If you do the feng shui colors pattern to your house, you are able to put the energy into your house. The feng shui colors also bring you the balance you need for your house, because the Chinese always pay attention to the Yin and Yang whenever they build something. Here are some feng shui colors that have the meaning on each color pick:

Interesting Living Room using Green Feng Shui Colors near Wide Sofas and Grey Coffee Table on Reflective Flooring


This color pick of yellow or sunny could bring you the feeling of nourished or happy. The yellow color would uplift the color and bright up your house. Other feeling that the yellow gives you is the sense of calm. The yellow color is fitted for your kitchen because it can nourish you and your family with the touch of the yellow. Besides, you are also able to apply the yellow color for your children’s bedroom. The children are in need of nourishment and happiness. Thus, if you apply this color, your children will tend to be happy and having an uplifted spirit.


The red color gives you the strongest effect you could get from this color. In some regions of the world, red means the color of marriage or sexual desires. According to that case, red could give you the power of loving and sexiness. It is appropriate to be applied in the main bedrooms to give you the warmth of love. The red color also has a meaning as the brave side of your personality.

Add Lovely Feng Shui Colors in Cozy Living Room with Fluffy Sofas and Square Cushions


Green is the symbol of the nature color. The meaning behind the green color is to give you the feeling of regeneration, refresh and renewal. Sometimes, the green means peace and nourishment. The kitchen and dining room are best to be applied by this kind of color.


In terms of the meaning, orange means the ability of connecting to the people. We could say that orange means social. Orange color of feng shui reminds us on the color of the log fires where we sit down together with the close friends in a camp site. By this case, orange is best to be fitted in the guest room or living room areas.

Use Interesting Feng Shui Colors for Comfy Bedroom with Wooden Bed and Nightstands on Laminate Flooring

Place Traditional Oak Coffee Table and White Sofas inside Cozy Sitting Room with Cream Feng Shui Colors

Fancy Bedroom Feng Shui Colors Completed with Artistic Wall Painting above White Bed

Complete Teen Bedroom using Lovely Feng Shui Colors near White Bed and Pink Duvet facing Pink Dressers

Combine Red and White Feng Shui Colors for Awesome Bedroom with Red Curtain and Wooden Dresser

Choose Green Feng Shui Colors for Kitchen Dining Room with Round Table and Green Chairs near Long Counter

Brilliant Bedroom Feng Shui Colors Completed with Dark Bed and Small Nightstand near Bay Seat Window

Beautiful Sunflowers Decorating White Kitchen Counter inside Stylish Kitchen with Calm Feng Shui Colors

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