Faux Wood Flooring in Home Decor for More Durable Foothold

Wood flooring is the most sought-after decoration due to its natural appearance. Moreover, this is timeless. As rustic home decor is becoming more popular now, wood becomes the most wanted materials for interior designers and homeowners. Wood flooring is made from real trees. The price depends on how exotic the tree’s pattern is. In fact, hardwood flooring is natural and gives value to your home, yet it is susceptible to scratch and can be damaged by excessive humidity.

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Therefore, faux wood flooring is invented to cover up the flaws of hardwood flooring. The price is cheaper, so does the installation process. In term of appearance, good process of laminating the wood can make the products look real. But if the process is not finished well, this will give an artificial look and low quality instead. So that, be careful in buying is the key to get the good products.

The process itself begins with pressing the composite wood together at high temperatures. Then, the image of it is covered to form the laminate. In term of durability, it is more durable than the real wood floor. It is resistant to scratches and humidity and easy to clean.

Home Themes Suit to Faux Wood Flooring

Basically, faux wood flooring suits to many home themes. But in certain themes, it has a power to strengthen the look and value, for example a rustic theme. Rustic theme uses wood as the major feature. More than 50% ornaments made from wood. It becomes incomplete if the floor made from other materials instead. In some home areas which are more moist, faux wooden floor is more suitable. Kitchen is a place where faux wooden floor can be applied in. As a room where water and crumbs are often littered on, you need more durable floor material to resist it from damage.

Winsome Kitchen Design With Lavish Flooring Of Faux Wood Decor

Traditional theme also uses wooden floor to accentuate its look. You can have the home pillars, windows, and doors from real oak tree. Yet, it demands you extra energy to clean up. To lighten your burden, choose faux wooden floor as one of your home decorations. Dark wooden flooring, such as reddish brown or dark green produces warmth. This portrays a romantic atmosphere too. So that, this setting is perfect for a newlyweds or married couples. Unlike dark wooden floor, light wooden one gives the opposite nuance. It transfers energetic ambiance. This is more suitable for a family who has kids as it develops attentiveness.

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