Faux Painting Techniques For Classic to Contemporary Home Decor

Break off the limit with practicality for home decoration. There is one new practical trick for wall painting to consider. It’s named as faux painting. As the name suggest, it’s a faux painting after all. It’s in the form of faux wall cover. Its prominent feature is the appearance or style. Also known as wall plaster, it definitely brings a brand new appearance for the wall. It can turn wooden wall into stone or cement wall within only a few brush of paintings. Imagine how the unlimited choices give the house a signature style. When it comes to the most popular faux painting techniques, there are several choices.

Taking Fake Plant on Vase also Rustic Mounted Shelve Plus Faux Wall Painting

The Venetian plaster tops the list. It’s an easy technique that doesn’t take too long to finish. Its appearance mimics the polished marble wall that is commonly found in old European architecture. Its modern version has a different appearance thanks to the multidimensional look. As a result, the wall appears like slightly raised surface.

The next on the list of faux painting techniques is Artisan faux painting style. It’s actually pretty similar to Venetian style with matte finish. It can be used on wood or drywall. It gives a marble wall appearance with beautiful hues and shades. The look can even change according to the lighting. For a natural and rustic home design, it fits great.

To give the wall a shimmering look, choose the glaze or metallic faux painting. This painting is now safe from any hazardous substances unlike former metallic paints. Some can be even be cleaned up using only water. To create a unique and bold home decoration, it’s the right choice to apply. To match a contemporary home décor, metallic paint never fails. It offers gorgeous base for modern furniture. And of course, it can be easily mixed with other elements like wooden flooring.

Lavish Wall Faux Painting Techniques Plus RFake Plants On Vase

Creating elegant-looking home décor, suede faux painting has always become a perfect choice. Its appearance is warm and inviting. Instead of applying for high traffic areas, recommended option is for low traffic areas like bedroom. To apply this technique, use wide brush instead. Perform continuous overlapping Xs for beautiful color tone variations. Make sure to apply the paint in small section for a start.

Suppose you have decided on home décor style, continue the work by choosing one among the most popular faux painting techniques. Most techniques are easy. Though you are a first timer, nothing will go wrong.

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