Factors You Should Consider to Choose the Right Custom Bunk Beds

Custom bunk beds is common choice for people nowadays. Not only it can save the room’s space, but also have its own uniqueness both in style and atmosphere it bring.

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There are million design available for you to choose as reference. Starting from the classic style, modern-looking style, and cute style for children, etc. The function of custom bunk beds also become varies from year to year. There are bunk beds which also serve as closet, indoor playground for children, bookshelf, working desk, locker, and even sofa. You can choose whatever you like in accordance to your needed. However, since there are too many types available, you might need some tips on how to choose the right one for your room. Check these out!


That’s the main point right here. People choose custom bunk beds because it can save more space for small room. Even so, the bed itself has divided into small size, medium size and big size. You should match the bed size with your room size first. Choose the one that don’t consume more than half of your room space.

How Many Bed You’ll Need?

There are single bunk bed, double bed, three or even four. Choose how many bed you’d like to have in your room.


Yep, this one is also important. You can choose between wooden, plastic, and steel. More people usually choose the wooden type since they look classic and bring natural atmosphere to the room. But nowadays plastic also become main interest mostly for kids room because they’re safe for play around.

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Everyone has certain color theme as preference. It can be pastel color, bright and cheerful color, soft and feminine color, natural color, and so on. Choose the bed which color can be match up with your room color pallet in order to maintain you room uniqueness.


Another important factor you shouldn’t forget is the function of the bed itself. You should know what you actually want to do around your bed. For example, if you like lying around while reading books, you’ll definitely have to choose the bed which also serve as bookshelf. That way, you don’t need to get up from bed only to take the book or magazine you love in case you’re feeling lazy. Or perhaps for you who usually busy studying or working on the desk, then the bed which one pack as working table is the most suited choice. You can also choose the bed which can serve as playing facility for your children.

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