Factor for Effective Room Layout Planner

Before you arranging and decorating a room, one thing you should done beforehand is create a room layout planner. Without it, you won’t have any clue on what to do or what to put first. Creating one isn’t as simple as it sounds to be. Especially if you have overwhelming idea inside your mind and tons of furniture you should include in the room later. If you make a wrong layout, then your room will end up being uncomfortable and cost you for nothing. In order to avoid any arrangement mistake, here are several point to notice when creating a room layout planner.

Wondrous Room Layout Planner With Purple Chairs Around Round Wooden Table

Circulation is Most Important

The one thing that people often forget the most is circulation factor. A healthy room is a room which has enough circulation medium available. They can be both air ventilation and large windows. Through windows, you room can get enough sunlight in the day to lit up your room and save money to pay for electricity, you can also get a wonderful view once wake up from bed, and get enough fresh air every day.

Room Position to Other Related Facility

Each room has their own purpose to use and related from one room to another. Let’s take your private room as an example. A private room is a place where someone can enjoy and relax without other people disturbance. When you wake up in the morning, you’ll need to take a bath soon. So, the bathroom should be either placed inside your bed room or located nearby your room. When inside your room, you’ll also need more time for privacy and quiet atmosphere, so you’ll have to placed garage and living room away from your room. And many other similar example.

Keep Your Privacy

Another important point you should never forget is privacy element. Do not locate your bed room in a place where outsider can take a peek such as nearby the guest room or living room. Or never put storage room where you put all of your private stuff nearby the main gate where every people can pass by. In short, never locate a room with more private stuff in it nearby a room/place that made especially for gathering and crowded stuff. Because you’ll never be able to keep your privacy in that way.

Cute Living Space With Black Sectional Sofa and Square Coffee Table

Access to Outside House

You have to put a room that often related with outside house nearby the main gate of your house. Such as guest room, you’ll need the room to be located nearby the main gate so that people can visiting your house easily without have to passing by your private room or view any unnecessary scenery of your house. Or garage where you can take your vehicle in and out without much parking trouble.

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