What Exterior House Colors You Should Have?

Are you painting your new home? Are you redecorating the whole part of your home? Are you struggling on what color that you should use for your exterior part of your room? If you are, then this article will be a good read for you as we are going to give you some insights on what kind of exterior house colors that you can use for the exterior part of your house. Without further ado, let us give you some of the best house color ideas as well as what they may represent.

Green Exterior Painted Wall Working with White Painting for Fence, Pillars and Windows

First, if you own a house with symmetrical design, then choosing the combination of Ivory, Perfect White, and Aqua will be a good choice. As you may have known before choosing the exterior house colors will enhance the message that your symmetrical house design brings: the sense of formality, elegance, as well as heritage. So, how to combine these colors? In order to put the best of those colors, you can start painting the borders of your house with some perfect white.

By the border of your house, we mean the corner of your house, the window, as well as the pillars in your front door. Next, you can paint the wall with some Ivory. The contrast between the Ivory and the perfect white will give you the best combination of color. Next, the Aqua color on the door comes. The splash of color in the door will give the already great color combination a livelier touch to your whole door. If you want to add more color, you can use some reddish tiles for your entryway to the house.

Traditional Home with Earthy Exterior House Colors with White Decorative Trims

Second, you may consider having the combination of cool green, butter yellow and pure white for your best exterior house colors. Similar to the previous idea, the white should be used to paint the corner of the house and the window of the house. However, instead of using butter yellow to paint the wall, you should use the cool green for painting the wall. Again, the great contrast will enhance the house and it will make your house more visible from the neighborhood. Your house will be a spot light in your neighborhood.

Small and Short House with Grey and White Exterior Coloring Scheme and Yellow Flowers

Grey Shingle Exterior Wall with White Roofline and Windows Creating an Appealing Exterior House Look

Bright Exterior House Colors with Dominating White and Some Grey and Black Accents

Alluring Grey and White Exterior House Colors to Meet Red Brick Stairs and Green Landscape

Excellent Combination of Stone Garage Wall, White Garage Doors and Brown Painted Wall

Calm Exterior House Colors with White and Stones Accents Dramatically Supported with Yellow Flowers

Shingle Exterior House Representing Natural Color Combined with Wood and Stone

Beige Exterior House Color Combined with Stone Wall and Concrete Flooring

If you do not like the previously mentioned exterior house colors, you can actually go back to the classic design. Using only black and white, you can make your house look more beautiful than it was.

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