Exterior Color Schemes for Tropical Houses

What is the different of exterior color schemes between building in cold and tropical weather?

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When you consult an exterior professional for your winter house, they might recommend some teal and earthy brown color for the outlook of your house. Yes, fall or winter season fit with dark red, navy blue, and all grey scheme color. These charming color scheme comfort the house owner’s soul when the weather is too cold and company the home fireplace well.

In tropical houses, attractive shocking color scheme can be found. The sunshine that comes everyday in tropical places would make it brigher. People choose cheerful level of blue paint, bright terracota for the natural earthy style homes, or lighter maroon combined with golden brown wooden entrance doors. Some extreme choice like broken white color for garage doors looks great with the transparent coating color of green or red.

Yes, the character of people living in tropical countries influence the choices of exterior color scheme. They like to show how brave the color that paint their lives. The characters are also frank, honest, and sometiimes childish. Children loves sharp colors and childish term were meant to symbolize typical favorite sharp color used to apply on tropical houses. These color scheme describe the nature of friendly characteristic people live in tropical places. They are smiley, helpful, family oriented.

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Inspired by the nature of friendly characteristic of tropical houses, there is no wrong in applying exterior color schemes. There is no rules, boundaries, and limitation for the home owners to paint their exterior with any color. Take an example of standard option: white. White is always matching with the nature, because nature is always colorful. What about yellow? Yes it is more like sunrise and sunset phenomenon on the beachside house. It keeps people awake, thinking, and smiling.

The behavior of nature’s view could be full of green, like in rainforest villages inhabitant, where luxury resorts are built. Brown and green dominate the view. The right exterior color scheme can be orange, dark red, teal, or light yellow. However, turqois and leaf green match in all seasons. Do not worry that you make a fatal mistake. The other exterior details can correct it. Putting two seats of bench painted in bright red can neautralize the domination of green and brown too. Why should we be afraid of combining hot colors on this natural happy family home? Tropical house means friendly people.

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