Everything You Need to Know When You Decide to Install Bathroom Vessel Sinks

Bathroom vessel sinks have become more popular nowadays. Although it suits modern bathroom design, it also gives traditional touch to your bathroom. So, why you need to consider vessel sinks instead of other kind of bathroom sinks and how to choose the perfect vessel sinks? Find out now!

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Pros and Cons Vessel Sinks

Before you decide to pick vessel sink for your bathroom, you need to know first about the pros and cons. It will help you to make the wisest decision for your bathroom and prepare the best maintenance for this kind of sink.


– Stylish: Vessel sink do have more unique and cool designs than the usual bathroom sinks, especially considering that it sits on the top of bathroom vanity. With many designs available, you can make a stylish statement with vessel sink.

– Efficient installation: Since vessel sink sits on top of bathroom vanity instead of inset it like undermount sink, you can save your budget and time. Bathroom vessel sink need one hole cut out instead of mostly difficult sink cut-out only for a drain pipe.

– Changeable: Perhaps it already looks worn out, or you have simply been bored with the design, vessel sink can be easily changed out as it’s not stuck in place like the drop-in sink is.


– Durability: Since vessel sinks are exposing the edges of the basin, it is somewhat vulnerable to breakage and chipping.

– Stability: The next problem you may have for choosing bathroom vessel sinks is stability. Since it’s only secured at one point rather than its entire perimeter, most vessel sinks tend to look unstable compared to drop-in sink.

– Cleaning: Still comparing it to drop-in sink, vessel sink is more difficult to clean, especially around the area where the basin meets the vanity and/or countertop.

– Height: The common nuisance from vessel sinks is its height which becomes an issue for shorter people. Even for normal-height folks, the height of vessel sinks also feel uncomfortable.

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Tips Choosing Bathroom Vessel Sink

Based on the pros and cons on bathroom vessel sink above, you may learn how to pick the ideal type of vessel sink which can overcame the common problems it gives.

– It’s best to choose the one with porcelain as the material to ensure utmost durability

– Pick the vessel which can ensure the sink rim height stay between 32” and 36”. If your vanity has been 36” high, you’d better replace the vanity.

– Choose recessed bathroom vessel sinks for a greater stability.

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