Entertain Your Guests with Perfect Dining Table

Dinner table is no longer considered simply as furniture where you eat and drink. But now it is also considered as the pride and decor to entertain your guests. However selecting dinner table can be too daunting since you have to find the perfect style and shape that will match the style of dining room. Here are some information to help you picking the right choice. Have a look.

Clear Glass Top Modern Dining Table and Stylish White Chairs on Grey Carpet Flooring


Rectangular – Rectangular table is often used in classical style dining table. Its shape gives formal and traditional vibes. If you like to entertain your family and friends with your cooking skills, rectangular shape is perfect you. You can chose narrow side rectangular table for dining room so your family and friends can enjoy and share meals in the center of table.

Round – Round table is perfect for small dining room. Round table with pedestal legs could accommodate more people and yet saving more space in the room. Most modern dining table often use the round shape for its design because the curve lines are more flexible and artistic than straight line in rectangular or square shape. Just like the principle of modern style where it choose to be more carefree and creative in design. However the conversation in round table only effective in small size, six people top. Larger than that, it will be uncomfortable to make a conversation in bigger party.

Square – Square is most popular shape for dining table than the other shapes since it can fit to small or bigger room and it also can accommodate small or bigger party.

Innovative White Chairs and Marble Modern Dining Table on Clean White Tile Flooring


Modern dining table often has minimalist design with metal or glass as its materials. While classical dining table often has grandeur shape made from wood. Some people like to create contrast between the style of the room and dining table. For example, classical style of dining room with wooden based color match with contemporary design of dining table made from glass. If you good with interior skills you can make dining table as the centerpiece of the room especially if you add the right lighting.


Make sure you save 42”-48” of space between the table and the walls or other furniture. It is to give some space for people getting up and sitting down without knocking the elbows of people next to them and also give space for people moving around the table.


If you like to entertain your guests with barbeque, consider to buy dining table that are light enough and movable to bring outside the room. Choose the table made of durable materials too.

White Chairs and Modern Dining Table on Grey Carpet Rug for Formal Dining Room with Grey Wallpaper

Grey Carpet Flooring and Tile Flooring under Black Chairs and Modern Dining Table in Appealing Room

Glossy White Color for Modern Dining Table in Cozy Room with Black Chairs on Grey Carpet Rug

Modern Dining Table and Appealing Chairs for Formal Dining Table with White Flooring and Wall

Laminate Oak Flooring for Minimalist Dining Area with Dark Chairs and Modern Dining Table

Concrete Wall inside Contemporary Room with Long Modern Dining Table and Comfy Oak Chairs on Grey Flooring

Dark Modern Dining Table inside Cozy Room with Animal Skin Rug and Hardwood Flooring

Reflective Surface of Cream Modern Dining Table with Cream Chairs on Carpet Rug near Hardwood Flooring

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