Enhance Your Fours Poster Bed with Canopy Bed Curtains

By | February 18, 2022

If you have four poster beds and do not have any wonder in decorating your bed, you can try to add canopy bed curtains that can enhance your bed look. The four poster beds evolved with canopy beds that also called with tester beds are made for two purposes, for warmth and privacy. The canopy curtains that originally hang from ceiling evolved as bed frame that added for overhead canopy support. The canopy itself originally made from wood entirely, most often it comes from heavily carved oak. The canopies often use drapery panels. Here several inspirations for your four poster beds with canopy curtain that you can try at home.

Fill Spacious Bedroom with Wide Bed and Sheer Canopy Bed Curtains near Bright Table Lamp

Start from traditional approach with canopy curtain, the upholstered headboard with drapery layer is in back it and there are partial panels in headboard’s each side. The fabric canopy settled with shaped wood frame and gathered with fringed valance in the other three sides. The other aspects that need to be considered when using canopy curtain is choose the fabric type and the yardage that required for the bed.

There are some fabrics that do not have visual look both in front or back such as linen and solid colored linens while the printed fabric or woven fabric has it. When you sue fabrics, there will be valance or panels visible from both sides. In this case, the gathered valance require fabrics on both sides, but drapery that set in head requires fabric on one side since it will set against the wall.

Decorating Wide Bed using Sheer Canopy Bed Curtains to Complete Cozy Bedroom with Grey Bench

There are several ways you can décor your four poster beds with canopy. There is valance design by install valance into along of ceiling with drapery in headboard for creating partial canopy part. The loose swags is an item where the draping piece from fabric is over to the bed frame. This becomes the easiest and least expensive way for dressing four poster beds. This will perfect for you who want to have casual look canopy bed, with reversible fabrics, wispy and the material you can use can be come from sheer or gauzy cotton.

Next inspiration is install drapery at corner. By using rail supports from drapery panels. This becomes the most favorite dressing option for four poster beds. You can choose tab-top drapery panel that set by two curtains on each side, where it pulled out toward the bed pulled toward to the bed posts and hang freely to create elegant look.

Artistic Carving and Gorgeous Canopy Bed Curtains Decorating the Classic Bed and Elegant White Bedding

Low Platform Bed and Sheer Canopy Bed Curtains Placed inside Minimalist Bedroom with White Wall

Place Appealing Wooden Bed and White Canopy Bed Curtains in Small Bedroom with Tiny Oak Nightstands

Comfy Bedroom Completed with White Sofas and Black Bench near Sheer White Canopy Bed Curtains

Choose Sheer White Canopy Bed Curtains for Classic Wooden Bed and White Bedding inside Simple Bedroom

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White Table Lamps on Black Nightstands Placed beside Black Bed and Thick Canopy Bed Curtains

Add Long Bench and Wide Bed using Canopy Bed Curtains for Summer Themed Bedroom

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