Elevated House Plans For Flood Zones

By | August 11, 2022

Elevated House Plans For Flood Zones – This modern high end duplex is located in one of Denver’s most notorious floodplains – Harvard Gulch. Although the City of Denver has actively sought a solution that would eliminate 100-year flooding in the area, there is no guarantee that the study currently underway will result in a solution or that funds will be available to improve water management. of the storm. So, with that said, it would seem as though the High Street would be an unlikely place to build new bespoke housing. However, Stuart Street LLC and Root Architecture and Development looked at the site and saw that with innovative design, the lot promised great potential in a sought-after neighborhood.

To minimize the risk of damage from a potential flood and meet FEMA requirements, Zeke Freeman, principal architect-builder at Root Architecture and Development developed several unique architectural solutions that can serve as a blueprint for future developments in Denver areas. prone to flooding.

Elevated House Plans For Flood Zones

Elevated House Plans For Flood Zones

“It’s a pretty complicated site. People will avoid building in flood plains because the insurance costs go up and that tends to put people off, but if you do a properly designed building that meets FEMA requirements and accounts for everything that would be damaged if the water rises above the level of the flood plain, many of these insurance claims go away,” Freeman explains.

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The house was designed so that the entire first floor was built above the flood plain. It sits six feet above the road below. To describe it in the simplest terms, the house is basically built on top of a giant concrete box and the mechanicals and electricals are pulled on top so that if the water comes out of the flood it will go back out without causing damage to the house.

Elevated House Plans For Flood Zones

“One of the things we did to make sure the house didn’t feel like a big houseboat was we got a variance to raise the staircase around the front of the house so it felt like it was set up on a stage,” , Freeman said. “We deliberately designed some features to give the house a sense of lightness, it’s nice because it feels like it’s raised on a pedestal.”

These design elements include a three-foot retaining wall of piled stone in front of the house. The landscape is then leveled in another 3-foot step, which is followed by another 3-foot step and level. The front of the house is then articulated by a floating concrete detail. Even the stairs – built on a single-piece steel and concrete cantilever rail – are detailed in place.

Elevated House Plans For Flood Zones

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The home features steel framing with abundant natural light from large windows and a modern open floor plan with high ceilings, floating steel staircase and an incredible roof deck with mountain views. The roof deck was actually another design solution to maximize the home’s architectural appeal while meeting the city’s building height restrictions. Because the house was raised six feet above the flood plain, it would have been impossible to build a third story in the house without extremely low ceilings. Instead, Freeman chose to remove the third floor and replace it with a contemporary outdoor living space accessed through a skylight—a glass roof that opens like a door.

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Elevated House Plans For Flood Zones

In this guide, you will discover the advantages that Design-Build has over the traditional system and how it can save you time and money. This project was a complete tear down/rebuild located directly across from Falmouth’s Surf Drive Beach and across from Vineyard Sound. With its multiple balconies and large windows, each room offers unobstructed views of stunning views of Martha’s Vineyard and the nearby Nobska Light.

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Surf Drive is within a designated FEMA flood hazard area, which is at a high risk of damage from storm surge winds and flooding. To reduce flood insurance costs, this homeowner chose a raised pier and common beam foundation for homes built in areas prone to earthquakes or hurricane force winds.

Elevated House Plans For Flood Zones

A pier and beam foundation contains concrete piers set deep into the ground. The foundation of the pier and beams does not rest directly on the ground. Instead, it is raised about 18” higher, with service units for plumbing and electricity installed in this crawl space.

Building a home with direct exposure to the open ocean requires the use of materials that tolerate or repel the corrosive effects of salt water, salt air, wind gusts, harsh UV rays, and a persistently humid environment that quickly destroys many typical building materials causing mold. , corrosion and decay.

Elevated House Plans For Flood Zones

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For this home, we used pre-painted double shingles, which provide UV protection, are water and mold resistant. Other material choices for this home included vinyl windows and composite decking.

We also used a new structural “zip” wall panel system that provides an energy-efficient built-in barrier to keep moisture out while reducing air leakage that can cause moisture damage. These green colored wall panels create a current resistant system with a permanent rating similar to conventional sheathing covered with house wrap.

Elevated House Plans For Flood Zones

Article: All Right Angles All Right Angles reprinted from AtHome Magazine May 2019 By Dan Mathers

Advantages Of Elevated House Design

For three decades, Herb Foster’s Cape Cod home was an oasis. While living and working in Boston, during summers and weekends, he would escape to his property on Surf Drive in Falmouth. There, his tiny 932-square-foot home was in an ideal location, facing a beautiful beach with stunning views of Vineyard Sound. It was a perfect place to watch his children grow up and share summer gatherings with friends.

Elevated House Plans For Flood Zones

After he retired, he made the Falmouth home his main home. His family grew with four grandchildren, and so did the number of his friends. But a larger family and more friends came at a cost. His house on the Cape was no longer big enough. He didn’t have enough room for his whole family to stay. The gatherings had become tight. He needed a new place.

Moving was not an option; he couldn’t beat his current location. So Foster decided to tear down his old house and build a new one. The result is an imaginative, three-level home with an innovative design that offers spectacular views, a spacious, open floor plan and several places to gather with friends and family.

Elevated House Plans For Flood Zones

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It’s a design that also won the house and its builder Longfellow Design a BRICC award for excellence in the design and construction of new single family homes.

Foster’s new three-level home is set at an angle to give it interesting curb appeal and maximize views from the home. Its interior layout is open and airy with lots of windows and large sliding doors that let in lots of sunshine and fresh air. It seamlessly blends outdoor elements with indoor comforts.

Elevated House Plans For Flood Zones

The design of the house was very much a collaboration between Foster and Longfellow. When he decided to build the new house, Foster knew he wanted the house on a corner lot, that he wanted lots of balconies, a two-car garage and a lot more space. But there were hurdles to overcome, not the least of which is that his property along the coast is in a designated Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) flood hazard area at risk of wind and flood damage. .

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One of Foster’s friends suggested he use Longfellow. He said they had a lot of experience with special permits. Foster met with Longfellow owner Mark Bogosian to discuss his vision. After their meeting, Bogosian said he knew exactly what Foster was looking for and would make plans. “I came back the next week and there it was on paper. They had taken it to another level,” Foster said. “They exceeded my expectations.”

Elevated House Plans For Flood Zones

The result is a home that is as much an experience—and a celebration of Cape Cod living—as it is a home. To address FEMA issues, Longfellow used a raised pier and beam foundation. The concrete piers were set deep, with the piers raising the foundation of the house about 18 inches above the ground. Given the home’s exposure to the ocean, they used materials made to tolerate or repel the corrosive effects of salt water, salt air, strong winds, UV rays and humidity. Double-coated, pre-coated shingles provide UV protection, plus they’re water-resistant and mold-resistant. Additionally, the builders used vinyl windows and composite decking. Longfellow also used a new structural “zip” wall panel system, providing an energy-efficient built-in barrier to keep moisture out.

With three levels, Foster says the new 3,241-square-foot home offers enough space for him and his wife, plus his two daughters and their families to all be at home at the same time. It has four bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms.

Elevated House Plans For Flood Zones

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The first thing you notice when you look at the house are its many balconies – five in all, each with wire cable railings that give them a nautical feel. The main deck off the middle level of the home is just off the kitchen and living area. It seems to offer clear views of

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