Efficient Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

Small bathroom surely becomes something common which can be found in many modern homes especially the urban home. People in urban area should deal with the limited space for living. That is why they have to ensure the efficiency when utilizing the available space in their home. Small bathroom surely will be the most challenging part of the house. There are some elements in the bathroom which should be found but it must not make the bathroom looks cluttered. The biggest challenge must be the small bathroom storage. Many things should be stored but what if there is only limited space in the bathroom? Here are the ideas.

Winsome Tile Floor and Wall Design also Small Bathroom Storage

Ceiling to Floor Shelves

Shelves surely will be a useful option of storage which people can apply in the bathroom. In the bathroom with limited space, we can make sure that the available floor space for storage will be limited as well. If people decide to install the shelves as storage in the bathroom, they should be clever by utilizing the limited floor space for building the shelves. Instead of wasting the floor space for the expanding shelves capacity, it will be better for people to expand the storage from ceiling to floor. There will be more storage space available in limited floor space for sure.

Above Toilet Cabinet

The space above the toilet usually will not be used often. People can install the cabinet in their bathroom but it is pretty rare for them to install it above the toilet. The cabinet is installed often as part of the sink or above the sink. If people have very limited space in the bathroom, they have to use the available space efficiently including the free space above the toilet. By building the cabinet or shelves above the toilet, there will be more space which can be used for storing bathroom supplies. It can also be used as the place for displaying bathroom decoration.

Appealing Bathroom Using Small Storage For Saving Toiletries Under Towel Hook

Above Sink Cabinet

People usually will just install the sink when they have limited bathroom space. They do not want to waste the floor space by installing the sink cabinet. However, people do not have to worry because the sink area still can be a great place for installing storage cabinet although it is not kind of sink cabinet. Above the sink cabinet actually will be a great method for utilizing the free space in small bathroom without having to worry about the cramped floor space in the bathroom.

Beautiful Bathroom Using Small Storage also Toilet Plus Lavish Cabinet

Fantastic Bathroom With Flowery Yellow Window Curtain Decor Near Bathtub

Impressive Sink also Oval Mirror Style Plus Small Bathroom Storage

Interesting Design Of Small Bathroom Storage For Toiletries and Hook

Inviting Vanity With Small Storage Under Double Sinks and Faucets

Luxurious Bathroom With Floating Cabinet also Mirror Plus Small Storage

Opulent Sink also Stainless Steel Faucet Plus Small Bathroom Storages

Radiant Mirror Beside Glass Small Bathroom Storage Above Minimalist Vanity

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