Here Are Some Of The Easiest Bathroom Storage Ideas You Can Have!

Many people do not consider it important to have a shelf or any other kind of storage furniture inside their bathroom, but they will regret it whenever they find out in the future that they should have thought about that. If you are now redecorating your bathroom or if you want to put some bathroom storage furniture inside your bathroom, some of the tips about bathroom storage ideas from us might be very useful for you. Today, we are sharing the two of the easiest way to put some storage in your bathroom. Are you ready to build one?

Vanity Area with Perfect Storage System Completed with above Cabinet and Mirrored Cabinet

First, let us assume that your bathroom is already built and running, but you want to put some storage furniture into the bathroom. If your condition is like this, then you have two choices among many bathroom storage ideas. The first choice will be a DIY bathroom shelf. Doing this is very simple. You need to prepare several plates of wood planks by painting them and coating them with water resistance material. After that, you need to buy some elbow base that you can use to handle the planks later on.

Then, drill several holes into the wall, and use those hole as a place where you can place your elbow base and your plank. Now you have yourself a DIY storage. However, if you do not have a good vibe of carpentry, then you can just buy some storage products in the stores near you. By having this, you will save a lot of time even though the model that you have will be very limited because it is premade.

Light Wood Bathroom Vanity and Wall Shelves to Complete Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

Second, let us consider that you are in the process of building your bathroom. When you are at this stage, you need to tell the construction worker to add some closet or a hollow box-shaped hole in the wall. It does not have to be very big, though you may have a big one if needed.

The closet-like storage is one of the most popular bathroom storage ideas that you can try at home. Once the hole is made, you can add some planks of wood in it, so that the hole have some base in where you can put some items such as soap, shampoo, or anything you want.

Vertical Vanity and Wall Cabinets Surrounding Built in Tub to Maximize Bathroom Storage

Wooden Bathrom Vanity with Storage Giving Solution to Keep Stuff Inside

Surprising Bathroom Vanity at the Corner with Mirrored Cabinet and Open Wall Shelves

Asymmetrical Bathroom Wall Storages with Open and Closed Floating Cabinets

DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas with Ladder Leaning on Wall to Keep some Towels

White Bathroom Vanity and Cabinets to Complete Bathroom Storage Ideas for Small Bathroom

Creative White Wall Shelving Unit with Hooks under It to Hang Towels

Hidden Built in Shelves to Keep Towels and Shampoos for Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

So, what do you think about those bathroom storage ideas that we have shared with you? Which one do you think is more applicable for you?

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