Duplex House Plans With Garage

By | November 13, 2022

Duplex House Plans With Garage – You may be wondering, what is a duplex house plan? Ever wondered if building a duplex is a good choice for you? Duplex plans are a great option for those building with multiple families or generations in mind. Maybe you’re looking for a solution that allows you to build while offsetting costs with additional revenue. Whatever the reason, a duplex design will feature 2 units of individual living space. How they are arranged can vary depending on your privacy desires and lot layout.

When the duplex floor plan is designed there is a common wall between the units. Sometimes this common wall is the ceiling of one unit and the floor of another unit. In other configurations the units are placed side by side, with a common wall running between them. Some duplex plans only have a shared wall between the garages for maximum privacy.

Duplex House Plans With Garage

Duplex House Plans With Garage

For those looking to support family members at home — either with grown children or aging parents — a duplex plan is a great consideration. Day-to-day life can feel personal but family is close by to help when needed.

×40 Duplex House Plans

Multi-family homes are also an excellent investment for rental properties. Economical to build compared to building two separate single-family residences. Ideal for college towns or big cities where housing shortages are extreme but space is limited. Duplexes provide affordable housing or temporary living opportunities and share many design features with townhouses – another great design investment.

Duplex House Plans With Garage

With the surge in interest for home plans with double master suites, many homeowners may be forgetting about duplexes as a multi-generational housing solution. The advantage to finding a single family home with two master bedrooms is the privacy that is afforded to all when living in a duplex.

Associated Designs in Eugene, Oregon offers a large collection of duplex house plans. And below are 4 best-selling duplex floor plans to showcase this incredible design range.

Duplex House Plans With Garage

Small Double Storied Duplex House Plan

It’s quick to see that the Columbian is a popular duplex design for both homeowners and those looking for investment opportunities. First, each unit offers a different floor plan. Unit A is a 1.5 story floor plan that offers 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and a great room style living area. While Unit B, is a 1 story design with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. The only shared wall runs between the garage allowing for maximum privacy between the living areas. For those looking to support aging parents, Unit B offers an ideal and charming cottage-style apartment so independence can be maintained while retaining support.

From the street Tupelo appears to be a large single-family craftsman home project. An attractive covered porch frames the entry to the main floor unit while the second unit is accessed from the side. The common wall in this floor plan is the ceiling/floor. Unit A fills the main level with a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom floor plan. While Unit B is entirely on the second floor with a small entrance landing. Upstairs, Unit B’s floor plan includes 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and a great room. The detached garage for Unit A adds to the illusion that this is not a duplex.

Duplex House Plans With Garage

If you’re lucky enough to be working with a corner lot, take a look at the Corydon duplex plan. This floor plan maximizes the privacy of each unit in an unconventional layout. Unit A is a two-story floor plan with 3 bedrooms on the upper level so that the living area fills the main floor. The common wall with unit B runs along the wall of the great room. Unit B also has a great room style living area but offers a 2 bedroom floor plan with 1 bathroom. Garage space is plentiful as unit B has a 3 car garage. For those who wish to maintain Corridor as a rental property, two garage bays for unit B may be reserved for storage of maintenance equipment.

Bedroom Duplex House Plan

For those looking for a classic duplex design look no further than the Tulvar. The floor plans for both units are mirror copies of each other and the traditional common wall runs right down the center. While the design may be traditional it doesn’t lack the features that homeowners or renters are looking for. Each unit gets an attached 1 car garage with direct access to the living area. The main floor offers a great room style living area while 4 bedrooms are tucked away on the second floor. The master bedroom has a private bathroom and generous walk-in closet while the other three bedrooms share another full bathroom. Tolliver shows that traditional can be comfortable.

Duplex House Plans With Garage

The flexibility and range of styles show that duplex house plans are a great option for many stages of life. Whether you’re looking for investment opportunities or to care for your family in an ever-changing phase of life, a duplex design can change with the needs of the owners. For more inspiration, check out the full collection of Associated Designs Duplex or Townhome house plans. Here at Building Designs by Stockton we are able to offer award winning duplex plan designs. These floor plans will feature traditional, modern, contemporary craftsman, bungalow, Victorian, Spanish/Mediterranean, colonial, and brownstone design styles. These duplex units are available in one, two, three, and four bedrooms. Our floor plans will provide efficient use of the space allowed for the square footage used. Our units vary in depth and width starting from 12′-8′ wide with narrow units. Most of these duplex plans offer attached garages with some offering rear street garage access. Please feel free to call us at Building Designs by Stockton. You may wish to have additional units added or removed in specific projects that may be of interest to you. We will be more than happy to discuss these changes with you.

Changes to a pre-designed plan: If the small floor plan changes, such as expanding the floor plan, changing the bathroom and kitchen layout, adding additional units to a multi-family design, or simply renovating the building. Please feel free to change the style. Feel free to contact our office via email or fax with your thoughts on a sketch. Because of the new technology used for our construction drawings, changes can usually be made very quickly and affordably. Call us toll-free at 1-800-368-0821 or email your required revisions for a firm drafting quote.

Duplex House Plans With Garage

Luxurious 6 Bedroom Duplex

Two story unit with garage, covered entry, great room layout, 3 bedrooms, 2-1/2 baths, solid, and W/D closets.

Two story row home with 1 car garage, great room layout, 3 bedrooms, 2-1/2 baths, and laundry area.

Duplex House Plans With Garage

Two story rowhouse with covered porch, garage, great room layout, 3 bdrms, 2-1/2 baths, study, master bdrm has balcony.

How To Get The Look Of A Modern Duplex House

© Stockton Designs 2022 | Home Builder Resources | Links | administrator | Site by Doug Williams and Associates | 15, 269, 523 pages viewed Each unit in this exceptionally spacious two-story Craftsman duplex plan has four bedrooms and three bathrooms. On the ground floor of each, the living, dining and kitchen areas come together in one bright and spacious living room. Laundry facilities are close to the kitchen, and the dining room has sliders that open to a patio.

Duplex House Plans With Garage

In the world of duplexes, four bedroom units are rare. The Tolliver has four bedrooms, as well as three bathrooms! Family living spaces are on the ground floor; The bedrooms, along with two bathrooms, are upstairs.

This two-story duplex serves as a townhouse. The project is as economical to build as it is to maintain, and its compact footprint fits neatly into a tight space. Multi-paned windows give the building a charming cottage look.

Duplex House Plans With Garage

Th Street Duplex — The Room Architects

Each mirror-image unit offers approximately 1,300 square feet of living space, plus a deep one-car garage. Since these are mirror images, only one will be described.

The living, dining and kitchen areas flow along the rear, where glass fills most of the wall. The dining room has sliders that open to a patio. The kitchen is enclosed on three sides, but is completely open to the dining area at the rear.

Duplex House Plans With Garage

Counters and closets are fully furnished in this step-saving floor plan. The big three – fridge, stove and sink – are set in a tight triangle, so it’s easy to move from one to the other.

Ap165_luxurious Duplex House Plan

Laundry facilities are also nearby, in a pass-through utility hallway that connects the house and garage. There is a powder room handy for a quick dash, just as it is for the main floor rooms.

Duplex House Plans With Garage

Upstairs, a surprisingly large walk-in closet hides behind a pocket door in Tolliver’s master bathroom. The other three bedrooms share another bathroom, which is equipped with a combination tub and shower. Linen storage is in good supply, with a cupboard in the upstairs hallway and another in the shared bathroom.

Living Area: 2568 Sq.ft Floors: 2 Overall Dimensions: 40’‑0″x44’‑0″ Unit A 1st Floor: 531 Sq.ft 2nd Floor: 753 Sq.ft Garage: 237 Sq.ft Bedrooms: 4 Full Baths 1 Bedroom: Bedrooms: 4 Full Baths 1 Bedroom 531 sq ft 2nd Floor: 753 sq ft Garage: 237 sq ft Bedrooms: 4 Full Baths: 2 Half Baths: 1 Garage Bays: 1

Duplex House Plans With Garage

Old Village House Designs And Plan 13m X 13m Duplex House

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