DIY Canopy Bed from PVC Pipes

A bed can look elegant and romantic with a canopy featuring rich fabrics. However, most wooden canopies for beds are expensive. Then it might be a great idea make it by yourself. Fortunately, it is not complicated to make DIY canopy bed and you can use PVC instead of wood material to make this project much lower in budget. You can make the bed looks more romantic or girly by applying the right fabric color after the canopy is ready.

Elegant DIY Canopy Bed for Gorgeous Bedroom with Grey Sheer Curtain beside Cozy Wingchair

Items You Will Need

  • 4 PVC pipe sections in 2 inch diameter or prepare in the same length of your mattress and add 2.5 inches.
  • Other PVC pipe sections in the same length of your mattress’ width plus 2.5 inches.
  • 84 inches PVC pipes in 2 inch diameter.
  • Three-way corner connectors as many as 8 pieces
  • 6 T-connectors
  • A saw
  • Some fabrics

First Step

Use the PVC pipe sections to make a rectangle in the same length and width of your mattress. Make sure the rectangle fits the mattress tightly use three-way corner connectors to attach every section. Make the connector’s middle section faces upward.

Second Step

Cut one PVC pipe piece into four pieces as long as ¼ length of your bed. Connect the four pieces by using T connectors. Make the T connectors’ opening aligned in one direction with other connectors. Continue to make another section in the same length to your mattress. The pieces of PVC pipe plus two pieces in the same size of the bed’s width will be used to make a rectangle. Use three-way corner connectors to connect the sides of the pipe sections.

Traditional Bedroom Completed with Wooden DIY Canopy Bed and White Bedding beside Oak Nightstand and Bench

Third Step

Place the PVC segment in 84 inch length to every opening that faces upward and it will become the posts. Then place another rectangle you made in the second step on the posts’ top.

Fourth Step

Apply the lightweight fabrics on the rectangle top to make the canopy. Make sure the fabric has the right color to create harmonious atmosphere inside your bedroom. Secure the fabric layer on the pipes’ bottom in order to hide the pipes from the inside view of the bed.

Fifth Step

Hang the fabrics on the pipes to make pull-around curtain look. Make it by using curtain loops and then sew the loops on the fabrics’ tops or make holes in the fabrics. Then thread the fabrics to the pipe segments directly. Tie the curtains to poles by using a decorative rope. This step will make the base pipes of the DIY canopy bed invisible.

Appealing White Metal DIY Canopy Bed and Small Side Table inside Wide Bedroom with Hardwood Flooring

Bright Table Lamps and Black Nightstands beside Dark DIY Canopy Bed with Thick Curtain on Hardwood Flooring

Choose Black Flowery Cushion on Cozy DIY Canopy Bed for Contemporary Bedroom with Black Shaded Table Lamps

Complete your Elegant Bedroom with Clean White Dressers and DIY Canopy Bed on Hardwood Flooring

Decorate the Spacious Bedroom with DIY Canopy Bed and Classic Teak Nightstand under Wooden Ceiling

Green Painted Wall and Ceiling Completing Elegant Bedroom with White DIY Canopy Bed and Long Bench

Grey Bedding and Sheer Curtain Completing Dark DIY Canopy Bed on White Tile Flooring near White Wall

Wide Fireplace and DIY Canopy Bed for Traditional Bedroom with Wooden Table and Chair

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