Dining Table Centerpieces Ideas for Daily use

You often found on special occasion or a party, the host put dining table centerpieces as part of party decorations. But what if for daily use? Is it too much if we put centerpiece? What kind of centerpiece which will be suit on our dining room without it is too excessive and overpowering? Here are suggested ideas of dining table centerpieces which will beautify your room. Have a look.

Use Stunning Dining Table Centerpieces and Black Chairs inside Appealing Room with Mirrored Cabinets

One big vase

Sometimes you do not need two or more centerpieces to decorate the table. With just only one centerpiece, you can make it look nice too. For example, you use one big vase. However you have to consider how low your lighting would be. If you have chandelier hanging so low to table, you must choose the right vase which is not too tall so its plants will not disturb the lighting. If you have two pendant lightings above dining table, tall vase and tall plants are perfect to be put on the space between them.

Large tray

If you do not like vase with plants as the centerpiece, you can change it with large tray. Put a bowl of fruits, various jam flavors, few mini plates, salt and pepper, and a cup of cream on large tray and put the tray as the centerpiece.

Identical pieces

Instead of one big piece for centerpieces, you can put two or three identical pieces equidistantly according to the table’s length, for instance, two small vases or two candle holders.

Long piece

Do you have a rack on your house? Put the rack on dining table and add several glass bottles to the rack as mini vase. Pick bright flowers and put them on glass bottles. Voila, you get unique centerpiece.

Appealing Dining Table Centerpieces Used in Open Dining Room with Wooden Chairss and Grey Carpet

Sea-inspired pieces

In rectangular glass vase, put sand, various kinds of sea shells, and starfish. This sea-inspired centerpieces will give summer vibes to the room no matter what the current season is.


If you have large glass containers, you can use it for the medium. Add fruits like oranges, apples, lemons into the containers and put them as the centerpieces. The benefits of using fruits as the centerpiece are the aroma of fruits will stimulate the appetite and easy dessert.

Collection piece

If you have collections that will look good as the centerpiece, why don’t you use them? Arrange the collections with different colors, shapes and sizes and group them together. These various collections will catch the eyes as dining table centerpieces.

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