Design Your Kitchen: Floating Kitchen Shelves

Do you have floating kitchen shelves in your house? This question may not be a normal question to ask (especially if you are talking with a stranger), but still many asked some people this question. I do not know whether they asked this question because they did not have any topic to start or because there is a genuine curiosity in there, but believe me when I say that some people have asked me that same question I asked you in the first place.

Awful Cabinet With Sleek Dark Top also Floating Kitchen Shelves

At first, I did not know what a floating kitchen shelf is and did not believe that there exist one like that, but a quick research has led me to believe that a floating kitchen shelf does exist in here (I already know what the thing looked like, but I did not know what the thing was called back then). The quick research has opened my mind. I now knew that a floating kitchen shelf is not literarily floating in out of nowhere. They are nailed to the wall and are not actually floating in the empty space as I once thought (I was very naïve to think like that, I admit).

That little revelation is perhaps not as revealing as some of you want, but I knew you get the main idea. You come here looking for the definition of a floating kitchen shelf and how to install floating kitchen shelves on your house and this article will try to help you in that department.

Why should I use a floating kitchen shelf?

When you have designed your c, you realized that your kitchen is too small to fit a new furniture. You need that new piece of furniture to store all of your spices and some of your kitchen utensils, but you cannot do that because your kitchen is pitiful in size. To counter that problem, you should go buy yourself floating kitchen shelf. A floating kitchen shelf will be very helpful provided that you have an empty spot in your wall for it to hang unto. If you already hung one in your kitchen, you can use it to fit spices and cooking utensils (like in my mother’s case, in which she used a floating kitchen shelf to store her cooking pans).

Simple Wooden Floating Shelve also Large Cabinet For Spacious Kitchen Design

How to install a floating kitchen shelf?

Installing it is not going to be hard, as long as you knew how to follow instruction. You just need a drill and some screws aside from having the floating kitchen shelf itself (this is for small-sized floating kitchen shelves. Putting a heavy duty floating kitchen shelf is a little bit more complicated). Drill holes on your wall and screw the floating kitchen shelf frame (usually it came with a metallic frame to hold the shelf), from there, just slip the kitchen shelf in and tap both ends of the shelf with a hammer. If you do it right, the kitchen shelf would not go anywhere.

Fantastic Wooden Floating Kitchen Shelves also Modern Cabinet and Stove

Good Design of Stainless Steel Floating Kitchen Shelves and Cabinet

Lovely Wooden Floating Shelve also Lavish Backsplash and Dark Top

Captivating Cabinet also Bar Table and Chair Plus Floating Kitchen Shelves

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Radiant Kitchen Decor With White Cabinet and Black Top also Floating Shelve

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