Design Options for Applying your Classic, Simple, and Elegant Window Curtains

Curtains are pieces of cloth materials hanging across windows. The purpose of placing curtains on the windows is to make the room dark. Another function of curtains is also to cover the windows so that people from outside the house cannot see things inside through the windows. Curtains are also functioned as the decoration of the room besides its main function. The options of applying the curtains to get classic, simple, and elegant outlook are various. Those options depend on the materials of the curtains, the colours, the rods and rails, and the width and length of the curtains. This article will discuss on each aspect of curtain application for your house.

Lovely Design Of The White Wooden And Glass Windows With Black Curtain For Small Windows

The first is about choosing the texture of the material. You can choose the material which is made of cloth. The texture of the cloth chosen is based on your taste or the mood of the room you want to show. If you want to show the impression of formality, you can choose velvet, heavy silk, and cotton sateen textures. Velvet and heavy silk texture are quite difficult to wash; it should be only washed on dry-clean. Otherwise, you can harm the textures. You can choose cotton sateen if you want to easily wash your curtains. On the other hand, if you want to give casual mood of the room, you can choose billowy linen which is also dry-cleaned. Beside formal and casual mood, neat impression of the curtain can be gained by applying cotton materials.

You need to consider the colours that you are going to apply for the curtains. You can choose darker colour compared to the colour of the wall. It will make the curtains are visible in contrast with the wall colour. However, the colour should be in the same tone. For example, the dark blue curtains look good on the light blue wall. If you put a really contrasted colour, you may get inappropriate combination, for example putting pink curtains on a green wall; only if you really want to have such combination, but it isn’t recommended.

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Besides the matter of textures and colours, you need to think about the rails and rods of the curtains. You can combine with a set of rings as the rail of the curtains. However, the rails could be in a set of plastic or metal strips to hang the curtains. Then, you can apply rods of the curtains which could be made of aluminium, wood, or even lightweight steel. If you want to have classic, simple, and elegant look, you can choose rod made of wood with decorative carving. You need to consider the height and the width of the curtain too. The size of the curtains is based on the window size. For small window, you just need to apply small window curtains. However, the curtains must be larger and wider than the size of the window. It also works for the big window.

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