Decorating Wall Mounted and Floating Shelves in Your House

Wall mounted shelves will be very practical and save the space especially if you have it with no doors. If you want to make your space more worth it and use the space very wisely, the floating shelves are definitely the thing you need. Of course the shelves need certain decoration in order to make it more useful and also beautiful at the same time. Well, in this article we have the list on how to decorate the shelves which mounted on the wall and floating as well. If you need reasons why installing floating shelves, we also have ones Check this out.

Place Oak Wall Mounted Shelves in Dining Sitting Room with Blue Sofa and Wooden Dining Table

Light and airy

Wall mounted storage is great for saving space especially the ones which do not have doors. Place like small bathroom needs storage but you cannot take the space just for storage only. So this is why you have to install wall mounted shelves with floating arrangement. It allows you to put the other shelf above the installed shelf. Other than that, it gives additional aesthetic values in the bathroom. Other than the main things, you can put your favorite items on the shelves as the other decorative elements in the bathroom.

Unique on the wall

The floating shelves will be the wall decorating element in your dining room. You do not have to store the frequently used items on it if you just want to make them as the display shelves of your favorite accessories. It is important to watch the color selection both for the wall and also the shelves. It is recommended to put the asymmetrical shelves for the display in order to highlight the fun mood in the room.

Awesome Sitting Room Completed with Wooden Wall Mounted Shelves and Black Chairs on Carpet Rug

Open and accessible

The other perks of having open shelves on the walls are it can be very accessible and open. It saves the space for the other storage purpose. Floating shelves put the impression of wider room. As we have said earlier, airy and light mood will be surrounding the area with open shelves. Just make sure that you choose the right color between the room’s main color and the shelves.

Overhead display

Living room is a great place to display your favorite collection. Floating shelves will allow you to put them above the sofa. But you need to measure the distance between sofa and shelves. You can have your favorite collection in the living room and the room will also look better with wall mounted shelves.

Modern Wall Mounted Shelves Design inside Stunning Living Room with White Sofa and Black Table

Install Long Wall Mounted Shelves under Flat Screen TV inside Media Room with Hardwood Flooring

Complete Minimalist Bedroom with Wide Oak Bed and Nightstands under Long Wall Mounted Shelves

Tidy White Wall Mounted Shelves on Clean Painted Wall inside Cozy Room with Concrete Flooring

Use Stylish Design for White Wall Mounted Shelves on Grey Painted Wall beside Leather Sofa

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Brilliant Sitting Room Decorated with White Wall Mounted Shelves and Cabinets facing Wide Coffee Table

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