Decorating Spacious and Small Bathroom with Variety Types of Shelves

By | November 10, 2020

Bathroom maybe is a private place at your home, but who says you don’t need any lovely decoration in it? Instead, you need to beautify your bathroom with something useful and chic since this place is your stop to freshen up. The shelves are useful for storage yet they can be your objects to make your bathroom look attractive. The size of bathroom determines the size and the number of the shelves you should have. Here are some bathroom shelf ideas with kinds of shelves which can be your recommendation.

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Choosing Bathroom Shelves Depends on Bathroom Size

Spacious Bathroom

If you have a spacious bathroom, this will be easier for your to decorate as it gives more space and access to put shelves and storage. With it, you can have a shelf tower to keep your towels. It is a high shelf made from wood which has several compartments. You can put it in the corner of the room or near the washbasin. You can use the compartments to store your clean towels or clothes.

The another option is having a custom shelving unit. You can make this unit as long as your bathroom wall with many different size of compartments. You can put clean towels on the big one, and put other smaller things, like shampoo, shower gel, and scrub on the smaller one. This will accommodate all your bathroom amenities and make them uncluttered. The third shelf you can have is pegs line. Made from wood, you can make pegs line along one side or two sides of your bathroom walls. Or you can install it above your washbasin. The lines will provide you plenty space to store your toiletries and bathroom amenities. As a garnish, you can display some flower pots on it.

Small Bathroom

If you have a small bathroom, you need a multipurpose shelf which can store your stuffs well. You can try with crates. They don’t need to be big. Just find any decent size which you can put properly in your bathroom. To save space, hang the crates on the wall. Paint them with your favorite color. The another choice is stacked baskets. You can simply put them on the floor anywhere you like. This is very practical as you can keep your amenities and towels inside them.

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The stacked model will not waste the space. Besides those two selections, there is another one, that is a storage ladder. This will save your space as the ladder model resembles the stacked baskets. It goes higher rather than wider. So, this suits with your small bathroom and it comes with an unique form too. Happy finding shelves!

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