Decorating Grey and Yellow Bedroom: To Know What is Good and What is Not

Now you have your own room, no longer share with sister even friends. You can do whatever you want, including decorating the room. Well, with thousands of ideas on internet or home magazines, sometimes you find yourself are a little bit difficult to choose which theme or style that suits well with your bedroom. How about getting grey and yellow them and style? The combination of these two colors can bring positive vibes and a variety of moods. Yellow refers to cheerful, happy feelings while gray points out a more constant and peaceful atmosphere. The greys and yellows have hue and intensity that are able to affect ambiance of a room. So here several decorating tips for your gray and yellow bedroom.

Hunky Duvet plus Pillow Decor For Nice Grey and Yellow Bedroom


First thing first, you need to consider an ideal backdrop. Choose gray or white for a fabric headboard to have luxurious bedding. To create a coordinated set, you require shades of yellow and gray in a bedding ensemble. Normally these ensembles are comforter, a bed skirt, a sheet set, and pillow shams. Grey or yellow furniture should be arranged across the foot of the bed. Meanwhile, some toss pillows need to be positioned against the headboard. Select toss pillows in miscellaneous gray-and-yellow patterned and solid fabrics coming in a wide range of sizes and shapes.

Furniture and floors

Any bedroom goes well with hardwood flooring as it elevates a chic, classic nuance. Examples of hardwoods that can be refined in a light to dark gray stain are birch, maple, oak, walnut, and hickory. If the bedroom has a dark wood floor, it would be nice to place a soft area rug in yellow and grey pattern. Go for white stuffs if the room is designed with dark gray walls, like chest of drawers, a white dresser, and matching nightstands. Meanwhile, black furniture is an ideal option to go with light gray walls.

Radiant Grey Wall also Yellow Window Curtain For Great Bedroom

Windows and wall

Do you like to have a calm atmosphere in the bedroom? Selecting soft grey for walls is a good step. Give yourself a chance to have a “true’ grey by combining black and white but no additional colors. It results in clean grey, which looks good with yellow accents. Never place yellow accessories and furnishings toward ‘dark’ gray with yellow undertones. Have wallpaper in grey and yellow pattern to improve visual interest and texture. Lift up the dramatic aspect by having draperies in deep grey against a dark grey wall.

Attractive Pillows and Benches For Grey And Yellow Bedroom Design

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Pleasant Bedroom With Yellow Pillows and Blanket also Stripe Carpet

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