Decorate Your House using White Floating Shelf

In commonly, floating shelf will be your useful shelf which stylish and look chic. From your corner room and your office room can be decorated using the floating shelf. There are lots of designs and colors of floating shelf that you can choose based on your taste. The one of good alternative is using white floating shelf which easier to apply in all of your part rooms and give effect cleaner of your house. White floating shelf can be good additions for every room especially for your minimalist design.

Seductive Design Of White Floating Shelf For Book and Accessory

The white floating design is simple and elegance to store your stuffs. The other advantages of white floating shelf are strong and durable. You can take your big stuffs without worry that will be broken. You can use to save your books and to decorate your wall as well. You can take the white floating shelf in your kitchen to take some kitchen equipments, such as: plate or glasses. Here some ideas to decorate your house using white floating shelf that can help you to make your room look chic and unique.

1. Take your white floating shelf across your window

This is unique ideas, you can place your white floating shelf across your big window. You can place the floating shelf than using a cabinet which take more space and standard. You can place it between the window space and make a bridge across the windows. In additions you can put some accessories on it or some glass stuffs that can make your white floating shelf stand out.

2. The right arrangement

You can take your some of white floating shelf in the right and left side of your walls to look the symmetries side. It can make your space cleaner and you can take some high items on it. Your wall will look unique and stylish.

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3. Surround your corner

You can take white floating shelf in your side corners of your house. Surrounding your corner side using some of white floating shelf to create modern look in your house. You will unable to see the sharp corner, you can arrange your book collections on it.

4. Maximize your storage

You can take your white floating shelf in the narrow walls to maximize your storage power. You can use narrow white floating shelf and place it vertically. You can put some books or small box on it. In addition, you can add the small racks above the white floating shelf to store your glass bottles that make your white floating shelf more stylish and innovative.

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