Decor Your Small Bathroom with These Several Ideas of Vanities

By | January 6, 2022

It is a little bit tricky to decor small room especially small bathroom. You probably need a storage where you can store beauty products, toiletries and cleaning products but your bathroom is too small that you afraid it will look too stuffy. A vanity is the right solution for the problem. Here are several ideas of small bathroom vanities with a little bit details about it. Have a look.

Modern Floating Small Bathroom Vanities and Dark Acrylic Sink Bowl for Spacious Room with Concrete Flooring

Vanity cabinets

Just like cabinets in the kitchen, the vanity cabinets also have several drawers and compartments to store bathroom products. Vanity cabinets in the market often have legs so it probably takes some space in the room. You have to take accurate measurement before you buy it or else it won’t fit in the room. If budget allows, it is recommended to make the customized vanity cabinets so it will match with the style of bathroom and of course your personal style for example a vanity with hidden compartment for laundry hamper. Most vanity cabinets are in solid shape so it will last for long times.

Freestanding sink

It is perfect for small bathroom where you only store the essential things in there. Freestanding sink like pedestal sink will give more space in the room since it only has one column to support the sink. Above pedestal sink you can install medicine cabinet or floating shelves to store beauty products and toiletries. Console sink is a combination between pedestal sink and vanity cabinets in lower area. Imagine pedestal sink with open shelves below the sink to store towels. Console sink is the right choice for you who want an airy design and yet have more storage inside bathroom.

Choose Classic Oak Material for Small Bathroom Vanities with White Sink and Dark Granite Top

Wall-mount vanity

You can see from its name that it is attached to the wall. It will give some open spaces between the vanity and the floor. It will easier to clean the bathroom and it also gives visual impact that the bathroom is bigger than it looks.

Open shelves

Try to install floating open shelves in your small bathroom. It creates spa-like feeling every times you see the neat and properly order of towel stacks and toiletries.

Whatever your choice of small bathroom vanities, you should remember to consider sink and faucet. If you need bigger storage, choose smaller sink or wall-mounted sink. That way you can create a vanity storage under the sink or use the remaining space in bathroom for storage.

Place Small Bathroom Vanities with White Sink and Dark Top under Frameless Wall Mirror

Wooden Small Bathroom Vanities and Grey Granite Top Installed beside Closed Shower Area

Clean White Shelves and Wooden Small Bathroom Vanities near Grey Carpet on White Tile Flooring

Fill Tiny Bathroom with White Sink and Stylish Small Bathroom Vanities under Clear Wall Mirror

White Sink and Black Faucet Used on Small Oak Bathroom Vanities under Dark Framed Wall Mirror

Add Classic Details on Small White Bathroom Vanities with Round Sinks and Marble Top

Glossy Top and Wide Sink on Stylish Small Bathroom Vanities inside Futuristic Room with Grey Wall

Interesting Glossy Faucet on White Sink and Small Bathroom Vanities in Tiny Corner with White Wall

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