Deciding Appropriate Laundry Room Decor

By | November 7, 2021

Laundry room decor must be selected carefully because laundry room needs to be decorated well, too. Even though laundry room is not a major room in a house like the living room or the master bedroom, laundry room is used every day as well. That is why a laundry room must be well-decorated to keep it nice and tidy. Below, are several tips of deciding laundry room decor that will be appropriate for your house.

Lovely Flowery Wallpaper as Brilliant Laundry Room Decor with Stacked Washing Machines and Cabinets

Vintage Posters

Vintage posters are amazing to decorate your laundry room. Choose a vintage poster of a vintage washing machine. It is available on the internet and you can practically find it so easily. That is why you can use the poster to make the wall of your laundry room more vibrant and great to look at. Do not forget to frame the poster well using wooden frame (plain wooden frame will be better) and arrange it neatly so that it can form particular pattern on the wall.


If you do not want to decorate your laundry room with fuss, just simply use wallpapers to cover the wall. It will be at least better than having plain wall. Choose wallpapers with unique shape and patterns such as shirt pattern or something like that. It will have the uniformity with the overall theme of the room.

Round Glass Top Table and Blue Chair inside Classic Laundry Room Decor with White Cabinets and Shelves

Colorful Towels

Towels can be a great decoration for your room as well and they can be used. So, they are not just decoration but actual things to use as well. Prepare a cabinet with several shelves in it. After that, prepare a lot of towels with multiple colors. Roll the towel one by one and arrange it in the cabinet. So, the cabinet will be full of colorful towel rolls and it can make your laundry room looks good.

Wall Sconces

Laundry room is usually placed in the basement and basement is quite dark. That is why you can always use wall sconces as the light source of the room. At least, it can be the extra source of light so that the laundry room does not seem so dark anymore. Choose wall sconces that are matching with the overall theme of your laundry room. Say for example, if your laundry room theme is shabby chic, then use shabby chic wall sconces with the carving and the petite look as the laundry room decor in your house.

Wooden Console Table and Cabinets for Rustic Laundry Room Decor with White Farmhouse Sink

Classic Laundry Room Decor with Old Fashioned Washing Machines and Clothes Hanger beside Beige Wall

Fill Spacious Room with Corner Laundry Room Decor using Wooden Cabinets and Glossy Washing Machine

Add Stacked Washing Machines in Tiny Laundry Room Decor with Wicker Baskets and Tile Backsplash

Brilliant Laundry Room Decor using Appealing Wallpaper beside White Cabinets and Washing Machines

Farmhouse Sink Completing Clean Laundry Room Decor with Stylish Washing Machiness and White Cabinets

Old Fashioned Washing Machines and White Sink under White Cabinets inside Small Laundry Room Decor

White Washing Machines and Clean Cabinets Completing Small Laundry Room Decor with Tile Backsplash

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