Curb Appeal Landscaping Ideas for a House with Flat Roof

Curb appeal landscaping is a great idea to make flat roofed house looks more interesting. It is also functional to redefine, enhance, and update the neighboring houses with the same design. You can make the curb appeal landscapes by adapting some designs.

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Improve the Entryway

Before you start creating curb appeal landscaping for you house that has flat roof, you can begin from the entryway of the house. Flat roofed house is commonly designed with tight or small entryways that have proportions that don’t improve the house view from the street. You can add a canopy above the front door. If you have the budget, you can extend the roof above the door or make a covered porch.

Cheer Up the Porch

If you have a porch in your house’s exterior, you can place a beautiful bench or make wall-mounted benches. Coat some fresh paint over the wood porch’s steps. Meanwhile, you can apply some bricks or stones on the concrete porch. See if the front door of your porch has been tired and out of date. You can replace the door with another one in more modern design. If the door still has beautiful style, you can repaint or stain the door and replacing the hardware. Add some new lighting near the front door of the porch. If you still have enough space, place some potted plants in different colors at the steps’ edges and near the door.

Beautify the Windows

Make the exteriors of the windows more attractive by adding trims like canopies or shutters. A little additional color and style can give big impact to the flat roof look. Hang some window boxes or planters beneath the eaves and then soften the look by planting some beautiful plants inside.

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Review the Roof Line

Flat roof shouldn’t always make your house looks flat too. You can make it more beautiful without change your roof. Check the horizontal board that trims the roof line’s exterior. Remove the thin fascia (the board that hides the rafters’ ends) and replace them with proportionally wider board. It will improve your curb appeal landscaping. Paint the eaves as well as the fascia and the base by using balance color with the house in general.

Live Up the Landscape

The curb appeal will look more beautiful if you beautify the landscape too. You can start by changing your plain straight front path with curved path by adding a bend. Apply some lying plants to line the walkway close to the path and on the back of the low plants insert some grasses or taller shrubs. The plant elevation and texture changes will be more attractive and move all people’s eyes from the flat roof.

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