Creating a Nice Kitchen Style by Applying Stacked Stone Backsplash

Stacked stone backsplash is one of the facts about how modern interior design bring exterior elements inside to the kitchen area. The stacked stones can become a feature that brings texture and unique character to your kitchen when you remodel the entire space or only a small part of it. The natural stone is available in various colors, styles and patterns so you can find the best one for your kitchen. For a traditional kitchen design, you can choose brick-shaped tiles are perfect to choose.

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Know More about Stacked Stone

Stacked stones belong to natural materials like quartzite and sandstone. The stones are commonly cut into kinds of size as well as length that enable you to create patterns like mosaic tiles do. Every piece of the stone is interlock and will be easy to install. This stone also doesn’t need grout because of the thin gaps between every piece. With the neutral color, you can use this stone to complement every décor while bring eye-catchy look into the kitchen. The stone also will give interesting textures for the varying cuts and stacked formation.

The Flexibility of the Natural Stone

Stacked stone backsplash will blend well to the shades in your kitchen because of the neutral tones in a wide range. For example, you can choose the stacked stone in silver tones if you have modern black and white kitchen design. Meanwhile, you can choose stacked stones in earth-tone browns, grays and golds like the façade stone Golden Sun to complement your rustic style kitchen.
Place the stacked stones higher on a large backsplash area or between cabinets to get dramatic and larger statement. Add some shelves with underneath lighting to give highlight to the new stacked stone backsplash.

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More Durable Natural Stone in the Kitchen

Natural stones like stacked stone will be the long lasting and ore durable choice. However, for the application in the kitchen like sink backsplash or food preparation station, you need to apply some protective sealing on the stones. Because of the various tones available about the stone, make sure you choose between the tones and get the best for the backsplash area of your kitchen.

You can make your kitchen design to be more special by applying the stack stones. So when you plan to make a new kitchen or only plan to remodel the space, you can choose stacked stones as the special feature in the new kitchen. The natural stones will bring warm and more inviting atmosphere as well as rich hues into your renewed kitchen.

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