Crazy Unique Dining Tables Ever!

Here are some crazy ideas to have unique dining tables:

Used Door Dining Table

If you ever had wooden garage doors and the weather and bugs hit them, you might think to replace these doors with the new one. But don’t throw them away. You can reuse these wooden doors into many furnitures. Used doors can be transformed into shoes rack, headboard for large wooden bed, wooden swing for your garden, garage cabinets, or dining table.

Contemporary Concept Of Unique Dining Tables In Oval Shape Design

You can even do it yourself. First, cut the bad part of used doors and make sure you make a nice cut. You might want to repaint the used door or polish it with transparrent coating. You still need to make the table feet and when they are available, you just put the used door with nice finishing on top of them. Your dining table is ready!

Lights Beneath the Plates

Have you ever thought to install little lights under the glass dining table? If you already have wooden dining table with glass on top, you might want to make a different atmosphere under the glass by setting colorful small lamps. And when you turn on the lights, wow, it looks like a party! Installation of lamps and cable for dining table is not difficult to do, just put the power plug at the table feets and connect it with the lamps. All you get is now another unique dining table.

Hanging Dining Table

For those who love natural elements in their houses, a hanging dining table in the garden is not possible to have. This hanging table is made of a piece of wood cut from a large tree, and put 4 similar length of ropes in every corner. These ropes can be hung on the terrace roof or canopy in the middle of the garden deck. This table does not need poles as table feet. All you need is just chairs and the food. A unique lighting put around the trees will make it perfect. Dining can be fun!

Pleasant Dining Space Design Using Chandelier also Tempered Glass Table

From the Woods Left Over

Wooden furniture manufactures cut the whole trees for furniture productions, but sometimes they do not use the tree roots or left overs. This part can be transform to be an exclusive and unique dining table for your home. It has to have the straight cut at the bottom and top, and it meand you have the whole tree roots for the dining table. It still has some big branches and skins, but it makes it better. Make the chairs from the same materials. And a careful coating will make them precious.

Amazing Style Of Unique Dining Tables Using Visible Glass Top

Awful Dining Table Design Using Lush Leg and Tempered Glass Top

Beautiful Chandelier also Brown Table For Decorating Traditional Dining Room

Eclectic Dining Table Design Idea With Square Wooden Top and White Legs

Interesting Furniture Of Unique Dining Tables Using Rectangular Top Style

Rustic Wooden Top and Legs For Unique Dining Tables Ideas

Simple Style Of Unique Dining Tables With Thick Top and Legs

Tantalizing Dining Room Using Wooden Dining Table and Black Chairs

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