Country Design Characteristics and Country Decorating Ideas for Your Home

By | December 9, 2021

The country design in America began to be popular in other countries. The main characteristic of country style is the warmth. Actually, the main feature of the country design is similar to the Mediterranean because of building materials using natural stone. Many country style using wood and stone so as to create the impression of antiquity. Usually enthusiasts This design is a collector of antiques.

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On the exterior, the design characteristics of the country are the stone used on the entire surface of the wall. Wood is also used throughout the walls of houses. Another feature is saddle-shaped roof. From the interior, the country design has natural colors like amber. This design also further highlight the natural color of the natural material such as light green, the color of the wood and stone colors. Homeowners usually displaying unique objects like a saddle horse and a cow’s head. Usually these objects placed above the door.

The first impression you can see from the design of country is warm, homey and beautiful. Disadvantages of this design are that you need a big budget to create a design in your home country because the price of natural materials is not cheap.

There is some country decorating ideas that you can apply in your home. The first is the use of natural materials and do coloring natural materials with contrasting paint. Let the natural material with the original color. Combine all the elements of nature in your home such as natural stone, wood and leaves. Country design is usually synonymous with the amber are natural so if you want to dye the natural ingredients, you can find paint that still includes the original color of the natural stone.

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Another warm color that can last use is beige or brown. You can also get warm colors of the original color of the wood. If you want a country-style strong impression in your home, then you can leave a brown color that dominates all the rooms. Other colors such as green and yellow can be used as a complement.

Country design is costly because of natural materials become rare but the market demand is increasing. The price of natural stone and teak getting up so you need a big budget. You can replace wood with bamboo to reduce the cost of your home design. You also can combine natural stone with other elements, so you don’t have to use a lot of natural material in your home.

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