Contemporary Kitchen Ideas with Stainless Steel Kitchen Island

By | April 4, 2022

Some people seem to be not too happy to have stainless steel kitchen island for their kitchen. It maybe true that stainless steel may make our kitchen look not pretty if we do it wrong. However, stainless steel is practical, less pricey, and easy to maintain. Let’s make a deal, we want the practicality of the stainless steel but keep our kitchen warm and beautiful. The key is to choose the right kitchen designs.

Add White Tile Backsplash in Minimalist Kitchen with Stainless Steel Kitchen Island and Long White Island near Glass Window

Industrial kitchen

The first idea is to build it to be an industrial kitchen. We can choose white as the dominant color of the kitchen such as the wall and the kitchen furniture like the kitchen cabinets. Since it is an industrial kitchen, we can easily choose the cooking appliance such the microwave, oven, and the stove. Simple and stainless steel kitchen appliance would match to the stainless steel kitchen island. If we want some warmer touch we can add some chairs with industrial style seating and have gray marble tiles on the floor. Some jute carpet on the floor and simple pattern for the ceramic tiles on the kitchen back splash can be the perfect decorations for our industrial kitchen.

Contemporary design

The second idea is to bring some contemporary idea to our kitchen. Contemporary does not have to be minimalist. It is actually flexible so we can decorate the kitchen as we like. Contemporary design can be a perfect idea for a small kitchen. For example, we can have light color for the hard wood flooring, since it is a kitchen do not forget to get the floor finish. Then, choose simple stainless steel kitchen island. If the whole stainless steel may make the kitchen less warm, we can choose stainless steel kitchen island with wood feet. The combination of a simple kitchen island and hardwood floor is quite neutral. We can have simple or more attractive kitchen cabinets and kitchen sink.

Choose Long Stainless Steel Kitchen Island with Bookshelves and Wide Sink for Styllish Kitchen

Natural kitchen theme

Who says stainless steel cannot go with natural kitchen decoration. We can go all natural with wood elements, natural colors of kitchen tiles for the backsplash and the marble for the cooking area. A simple stainless steel kitchen island would be a nice contrast as long as we can choose the right design. It can be perfect to choose simple kitchen island with open racks so we can place some wire baskets under the kitchen island. If we have a small kitchen it would be nicer to choose a kitchen island with wheels under its feet.

Complete Wooden Like Stainless Steel Kitchen Island with Tidy Side Wine Racks and Black Stools

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Fantastic Stainless Steel Kitchen Island Used in Industrial Kitchen Design with Glossy Backsplash and White Framed Window

Fascinating White Backsplash Completing Contemporary Room with Stainless Steel Kitchen Island on Laminate Flooring

Install Clear Skylight above White Stainless Steel Kitchen Island and Simple Stools on Hardwood Flooring

Place White Stainless Steel Kitchen Island inside Fascinating Kitchen with Sensational LED Lighting and Stylish Stools

Use White Stools and Dark Stainless Steel Kitchen Island to Complete Modern Kitchen with Stylish Range Hood

Wooden Like Stainless Steel Kitchen Island Completing Wide Kitchen with Long Counter and Quartz Countertop

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