Colours Personality: Bedroom Painting ideas

Bedroom painting ideas are numerous, yet not many put colours as one of the important aspect of it. Do you ever feel that your bedroom lacked something? Ever feel the need to redesign your whole bedroom? It is in our very own nature that we want to take something down just to build it up again. While we build it up again, we hope that we can make that thing even more better than the one that we put down. We hope for a new future, a future in where the thing that we are building again can be long lasting than the last one.

Excellent Bedroom Decorating Ideas with Tile Window beside Cool Painting on Grey Wall behind White Bed and Tile Bad Cover

Bedrooms are not exempt from that adage. Sometimes, there comes the need for us to strip our bedroom bare and build it again from that bareness (I felt the need to do that once, but after I knew how tedious redecorating my bedroom is, I was tempted not to do it again). We redecorate our bedrooms to show something new about us, how we have changed since the last time we decorated our bedrooms (frankly, I have not felt a change in me ever since I decorated my bedroom. Strange huh?).

To strip your bedroom bare means to bring it back to point zero. That would mean you have to move the furniture away, to pull out rooted furniture, and last but the most important: to repaint the walls of your bedroom once again. The colour of your room is the most important aspect of your life because colours can have a weird effect on us, especially if it is the colour of your bedroom. Colours will affect us somehow, and I am going to tell you a little about the effect of colours to our psyche. Here are a few bedroom paint colours you can choose:

Contemporary Bed also Table Lamps Plus Lush Bedroom Painting Ideas


Grey, although they looked gloomy on the paper, actually felt different in application. The colour is not bad per se, because it will give you that soothing feeling you will need after a long, hard day at work.


Orange will give your room a much needed warmth (if you ever need it, of course) and will give you a feeling of enthusiasm. If you want the colour orange for your bedroom, be prepared to give your walls some decoration because orange is not a good colour if left alone.


Black is the new black and it will never go out of style. The colour black will give you the feeling of lonesome (though not the bad one), so if you prefer solitude if your bedroom (which is very preferable), you should opt for black for the paint.

Mocha Brown

Take a look at a cup of mocaccino and imagine your room with that colour. Pretty right? The colour is very grounded and down to earth, so you do not have to fear from becoming too luxurious with that colour.

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