Colour it! Yellow Living Room

Trying to find a new colour for your boring, white living room? If you are looking for a living room recolour (in this case, from white or other colours to yellow), then you have visited the right article. In this article, we will be talking about a yellow living room.

Fabulous Living Space With Grey and Brown Sofa also Yellow Pillows

Living room is mainly a room for when you have guests come to your room. Conversations between the host and the guests took place in this room, so guests mostly spent their time visiting your house sitting in the living room. Imagine when you have a guest and then they gave unpleasant comments on your choice of living room colour, hurts right? Guests (mainly the ones that have not visited your house) get their first impression of you from the way you colour your living room. So, if you want your guests to think of you what you want them to think, then you should choose the right colour for your living room.

Why the colour yellow, though? What does it mean?

It all return to the psychological effects that the colours gave for you and your guests. Yellow is the colour of sunshine and is almost always associated with joy and happiness. Aside from making your guests think that you are a cheerful person, the colour yellow is also associated with intellect and energy. Yellow will produce a warming effect and will definitely induce the feeling of cheerfulness. When given a lighter shade, yellow will attract much attention (that is why taxicabs are yellow. You learn something new every day)

If my walls are yellow, what colours should I choose for my furniture?

A question like this is very important because many people often forget that the colour of furniture also plays an important part in making sure that your living room is well styled.

Graceful Living Area Using Yellow Sofa and Wall Paint With Red Accent

If you want to add dimension to your living room (as if, making them look spacy), you should combine yellow with orange or turquoise coloured furniture. The contrast will make your room look bigger and comfortable, perfect if you want to make a good first impression.

You can also mix yellow with another shade of yellow. For example, if you painted your walls bright yellow, you should find a furniture that is saffron yellow in colour. The different colours will prevent your living room from being over bright.

All in all, you can never go wrong with the colour yellow. Yellow is a compatible with almost any colour, AND it shows happiness and joy. What could go wrong with that?

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