Color Combination and Accent for Rustic Interior Design

Rustic is almost identical with warmth. Rustic interior design used to be dominated with wooden interior that are functional or decorative. In planning to make rustic interior design, we have to consider about basic design and its decoration. If you buy an old house decorated withall wooden furnitures, you can combine them with other materials to make the nice duet. Rustic interior has brown on every house part. Sometimes, the color has a used effect, but this only makes the interior looks more beautiful. It looks vintage, and most people love it.

Enticing Room With Rustic Dining Table Set and Book Shelve

Rustic interior design can be combined with other colors like denim accent, lime green, or magenta. What are other stuffs that will make a different look?

Standing Lamp

Although your house has vintage style for its rustic interior, you can put some standing lamps which design is modern. Standing lamps can be designed for romantic atmosphere. Lace or white organic fabric for standing lamps decorate your interior nicely.

Modern Springbed Design

For a rustic design ideas, you can also have a modern springbed design for your bedroom. Some option of springbed headboard materials you can purchase are: metal, wood, or leather with soft cushion. Customize headboard is possible, so you can choose the desired color and decorate the rustic design with this color beautifully.


Some floral motifs on large curtains will decorate your wall efficiently in a house with rustic interior. Models and colors are variative and there are always new models and colors to purchase. The ower of curtain design can neutralize the rustic color domination of brown or vintage wooden color. It will improves the original rustic interior design, and just add another accent that make the house perfect.

Frantic Dining Table With Tempered Glass Top also Comfortable Chairs

Tile Flooring

Installling parquette for rustic house might be very suitable. But it is better to improves your creativity and combine wood color with many different colors of tiles. The vintage tiles are now available at the online stores or buidling stores. They are still beatiful for modern house and conserve the historic values, however they can be more expensive than other tiles.

Maintenance is always the best thing you have to prioritize in buying a rustic house. Wooden interior should be cleaned up daily and carefull so the it will maintain the original beautiful vintage wooden color all year. It is also recommended to combine plantaions or flower pot in the room with rustic interior design.

Ravishing Hanging Chair Design also Chandelier plus Book Shelve Decor

Small Room With Rustic Interior Design of Table and Chair

Stunning Room With Pendant Lights Decor also Rustic Bar Table and Chair

Attractive Dining Room With Rustic Interior Design Using Wooden Table under Chandeliers

Beckoning Wooden Table and Bench also Chairs for Rustic Interior Design Ideas

Captivating Beam plus Pendant Lighting also Table Set for Rustic Interior Design

Delightful Dining Space Using Round Wooden Table and Chair plus Chandelier

Tantalizing Kitchen Using Rustic Wooden Cabinet and Pendant Light Fixture

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