Cleaning Leather Lounge Chair

Furniture from leather is really elegant and beautiful. However, if you have a leather lounge chair, it is so challenging to keep it clean. Improper techniques in cleaning may damage the leather. Here is what you should know in cleaning leather furniture.

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Before you start cleaning your leather lounge chair, it is essential to know the type of leather you will be cleaned. You can look for this information on the tag attached to furniture or written detailed. Typically, the tag or written detailed information gives some tips on how to clean specific furniture. It’s better for you to follow the suggestions there. Usually, when you buy the leather furniture, the retail store will give you solution on how to clean it for specific leather. Mostly, leather furniture is made of top-coat leather which is protected recently. So, you don’t need to worry to clean safely with this method.

What you need to clean a leather lounge chair is vacuum cleaner which is attached with soft brush. Then prepare body or facial soap which is mild liquid, buckets and four smooth rags. For water, you’d better to use distilled water which has less chlorine than tap water.

Now, here is the cleaning instruction. First, clean up every piece of furniture carefully. You can use vacuum cleaner with soft brush to prevent your leather furniture being scratched. If your vacuum is strong enough, you can use smaller one. Then mix liquid soap with distilled water. Try to clean on some part first, then dip the rag into the water and press carefully. It is better to clean on one part and wipe with clean rag directly. Next, dip other rag in water without soap and wipe the soap. Get the third rag to dry the surface. Rub slowly with the fourth rag to clean. Lastly, take care of the leather furniture with conditioner for leather.

Marvelous Leather Lounge Chair With Comfortable Back also Lush Ottoman

You should always remember to try cleaning small area first before cleaning all parts. If your leather furniture got ink stains, you can use cotton which is dipped in alcohol. Then rub slowly on the ink stain. Use hair dryer to dry it. If dark stains such as blood or food are over your leather furniture, you should make a paste. The paste is made of tartar cream and lemon juice. Rub the stain with the paste and wait for 10 minutes to dry. Clean the paste with soggy rag and soap. Then dry it with smooth cloth. For grease stains, it is simpler as you just wipe your leather furniture with dry rag. Don’t use water for this stain.

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