Choosing a White Media Cabinet for Music and Film Lovers

In the past, we put on our TV set of any sizes on a certain piece of furniture. After that we had a TV set with smaller in size, shape, and weight so we didn’t need any piece of furniture to put it on anymore. We would hang it on the wall for instance. Nowadays, we have a flat and large screen TV set that we need a piece of furniture again. Media cabinets for that kind of TV set come with a better feature and function than the ones in the past.

Lovely Living Room With Square Coffee Table also White Media Cabinet

A white media cabinet is popular now since it is not only functional but also the white color can make the room look neat and spacious. Yes, we can simply have a TV stand, but a media cabinet is more functional. A media cabinet is also called a console or credenza. It usually has finished sides, back, doors, drawers or cubbies, and shelves. It is normal for this kind of cabinet to have holes since there will be cords and cables involved. The ones for a wall-mounted TV set have holes for cables and cords that are not visible and some have surge protectors installed and have storages for cords.

Kinds of media cabinet:

– A triangular media cabinet that we may put it in the corner. This is recommended for those having a small room.

– A hutch which has an open case above a cabinet where we can put the TV in the case.

– An armoire which has doors for its upper cabinet in order for us to hide away the TV set.

– A platform which has no backs, and sometimes it has no sides and shelves. Some have legs on the floor and some are put on the wall so they are floating.

Like any other cabinets, a media cabinet of course has a storage place. This is to store DVD players, gaming consoles, satellite cables, cable boxes, collections of Blue-rays, DVDs and CDs or even cassettes and vinyl records (although they are less popular now, but some people collect them). This kind of cabinet is good especially for those having small children in order to save their collection. Take a look at the ideas of white media cabinet below:

Seductive Family Room With White Media Cabinet also Glass Coffee Table and Sofa

– Consider a white cabinet for media with the top is used to put on a TV set and there are four shelves with glass doors and for drawers on the top of the shelves. The shelves can be used to store music collection, DVD and Blue Ray players, etc. The drawers are for storing cables, cables, etc.

– Consider a white media cabinet with one shelf on the right and one on the left, between those two shelves there are open shelves. On the top of the cabinet, of course we can reside our TV set.

– Consider a white short but long media cabinet with the top where we can reside a big screen TV set right in the center of it. Under the top, there are three simple shelves with doors for storing. On the left and right side of the TV set, we also can put music magazines or our collections in DVD, CD, or vinyl record forms to decorate.

Hopefully you will get inspired by this article about white media cabinet to gather your music and film collections which are scattered everywhere and buy the best one for you. If you already have a media cabinet with other colors, it is probably a good idea if you paint it white. Good Luck!

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