Cheap Ideas to Make Your Kitchen Cabinet Design Look Nicer

Updating the kitchen cabinet design is a great idea to improve your kitchen and make it look refreshed, updated, and nicer. It will also be a great idea to save much money when you build a new kitchen. Purchase the basic kitchen cabinets and then add some designs that can improve the look. In this way, you will save up to 90% of cost or only spend about $4,000 – $20,000. Some ideas below may help you updating the kitchen cabinets in cheap ways.

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Add Glass Elements

If the wood cabinets look boring for you, you can update the look by applying glass inserts like Plexiglas so it will look more attractive. The glass will bring more beautiful touch to the cabinets while showing the decorative glassware and dinnerware inside the cabinets. To do this project, you have to remove the upper doors of the cabinet, to cut out the doors you can make a template first, use a jigsaw to cut and then sand the cutout as well. Then insert the glass and then affix it to the cabinet door with frame. You can install it with screws or glue it to hold the glass in place.

Paint the Cabinets

The new paint color on the cabinets will freshen the look and livens the area up. You should do this step depended on the cabinet materials. The process will be including removing the dirt from the surface, dusting and griming, striping the old lacquer and then waxing, sanding the cabinets and priming. If you find some cracks or holes, you should fill and seal them before applying the new paint. Use oil-based, enamel or acrylic paint to cover the cabinets. You can apply the paint in some techniques such as by using sponge, antiquing painting, faux finishing, crackling or any other techniques.

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Add Some New Hardware

Updating the hardware is also a great idea to renew your kitchen cabinet design. You can replace the old hardware or only clean and refinishing them. To clean the hardware, you can remove the dust and then grime them. If the hardware looks too old, then replacing them with the new pulls of drawers, knobs or handles for the cabinets. Additionally, you can add some new lighting surround the cabinets to create new look and atmosphere inside the kitchen. You can apply the lighting above the counters or on the top of the cabinets, or another spot best for your kitchen.

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