Bunk Beds with Desk Designs in Functional and Beauty

Make your bunk beds functional with bunk beds with desk designs. There are many advantages that you can get when you use bunk bed with designs. It gives maximum space use with beds and space to desk. Bunk bed is not only use for children, you also able to use bunk bed for your teenager when you have limited room in your home to spare your teenager. This will not only makes their room as dorm sensation, but also makes your children has tight relationship with each others.

Add Blue Sofa inside Spacious Kids Bedroom with Wooden Bunk Beds with Desk and Oak Dresser

The first design comes from bunk beds with desks for girl. For your girl bunk bed, makes it colorful will be great idea, even when she’s grown up into teenager. White bunk bed with rail side and under bunk is filled with half couch will be great additional space for sit and relax after studying or just read novel and comics.

For studying desk, it installed with frontal direction / vertical line from the horizontal line bunk bed. With this line, you are able to adding length into your desk as they need. In the end of desk, there is opened shelf that use for store their books and stuff. In other design, the bunk bed is in added with built in storage in stair.

Under the bunk bed, all the length is use for desk. This bunk bed is use for single girl but she has limited space in her room for placing the desk. The combination white and green alternately in stairs and desk make the desk bunk bed look calm and elegant.

Fill Small Kid Bedroom using Oak Bunk Beds with Desk and Wooden Bookshelves on Hardwood Flooring

Next, for your boy bunk bed, choose the calm and earth color such as brown and ebony. If your boy uses their room for gather with their friend, then you can accommodate their bunk bed into half length from their room space wall. The wide space of bunk bed can accommodate their friend when they spend the night in your home. Under the bunk bed, there are two couches that made from fabrics and bench design. Add with pillow and these can function also as bed.

For desk, it placed in the middle and folded design makes it great for saving space. In the wall, there is built in shelves for display books and stuffs. If you want to have airy and spacious feeling, you can choose the iron frame bed that offer slim and practical design in your bunk beds with desk.

Tiny Green Bean Bag Placed beside Teak Bunk Beds with Desk and Acrylic Swivel Chair

Fill Small Kid Bedroom using Oak Bunk Beds with Desk and Wooden Bookshelves on Hardwood Flooring

Interesting Black Bunk Beds with Desk and Ladder Completing Comfy Boy Bedroom with Laminate Flooring

Light Up the White Bunk Beds with Desk and Small Bookshelves beside Pink Swivel Chair

Solid Oak Bunk Beds with Desk and Wooden Chair Completing Old Fashioned Bedroom with Teak Flooring

Use Wooden Bunk Beds with Desk and Shelves for Boy Bedroom using Laminate Oak Flooring

Yellow Chair Placed beside White Bunk Beds with Desk and Stairs facing Purple Carpet Rug

Metal Frame Used for Simple Bunk Beds with Desk and Bookshelves on Hardwood Flooring

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