Bohemian Bedroom Decorating Ideas

By | December 23, 2021

Free minds never allow convention to restrict them from thinking wildly. But how wild can you be in creating your own bohemian bedroom? Bohemian is often associated with arts, bright colors and some unconventional design rules. Basically, freedom is the running blood of this style. Yet, you cannot just be that free while making it real. There are some rules to follow, of for a better wording, several bedroom decorating ideas that you can make as references.

Bohemian Bedroom Decorating Ideas with Wooden Laminate Flooring Design

Contrasted Colors

You might have heard it before while searching for decorating ideas for other rooms with other styles. Colors are indeed fundamental in creating particular atmosphere for a place, but what makes bohemian’s colors different from other styles’ is on its unregulated color palettes. Any colors are allowed in bohemian bedrooms, even plain white is pretty sexy for the free-style design. However, bright contrasted colors are more recommended, such as maroon, purple, blue and green. Combine those colors in different elements, from the floor to the ceiling and you can enjoy the bohemian atmosphere circling above your head when you are asleep.

Playful Patterns

Colors are not enough to free your mind to your bohemian bedroom decorating ideas. Playful patterns would help you intensify the style. Talking about patterns, this element is specifically correlated to particular cultures, such as Moroccan or Persian. Basically, those patterns you can apply are unique and authentic. It adopts curves and distinct representations of cultural motifs. More importantly, you can mix three or more patterns in your bohemian bedroom, such as to the curtains, rugs or wall paintings.

Bohemian Bedroom Decorating Ideas with Low Profile Iron Bed Design

Beautiful Bed

Bed is obviously essential in bedrooms, but in a boho bedroom you are not bounded by particular rules. Think about a bed without headboard covered with white sheet and embellished with piles of white cushions. So simple right? Yet so bohemian, even when you lay a Moroccan-patterned rug underneath the bed to cover the floor. The contrasted colors are just so beautiful while making your bedroom felt more intimate.

Dim Lights

One of the most brilliant bedroom decorating ideas to apply in your boho bedroom is installing dim lights. You can make it bringing in filigree lanterns that have warm light. Vintage lampshades can also be a good alternative to deliver the flickering and filtered lights which could create intimate atmosphere in the room. The bottom line, you can pick any lights you like, even recycled lights that offer warm lighting to the whole room.

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