Before Your Girls Room Ideas Get Wild, Learn This!

By | November 27, 2021

What to learn about girls room ideas? As moms or interior designer, you need calculate everything first. There is a thing before you move redecorating the girl’s room.

Purple Owl Wall Mural for Stylish Girls Room Ideas with Grey Sofa and White Chair on Green Carpet

Before you begin to purchase new furniture, consider these questions?

– How old is your daughter / your client’s daughter?

Why? It is to define the theme based on the age and the characters in that stage of age.

– Know the age of the target

If the girl still under 12 years old, you can suggest any cartoon of kids’ movie characters.

However if the girl is in her teenage age, the cartoon things won’t work. So try to search for teen room to have little mix image of the girls and teens room ideas. Because the girl above 12 years old only has little time to enjoy her childish theme room. When she’s enter junior or senior high school, that girl tends to like more abstract and colorful paints.

– What is their requested theme?

If the girl requests a theme for her room, try to listen and think whether it is suitable for the real condition of her room or not. Make it simple for her to feel that your choices in redecorating her room is the best for her and the room.

– If no request?

You should look the characteristic of the girl whether she is boyish or girly. What she likes is another thing you can seek for as the theme brainstorming.

The key is the talking. The more quality you spend to have some time to talk, the more details you can get. The details will help you determining all things your clients or your daughter needs.

Girls room ideas have no boundaries to play with. You can play with the color of the wall. Play with pink if the girl likes the shades of this color. Otherwise, try to offer other pastel colors with its own meaning. Blue means calm. White gives bigger space impression. Green also about calm, etc.

Complete Gorgeous Girls Room Ideas with Round Bed and Classic Chairs on Round Purple Carpet


About furniture, inside girl’s room, there are some important things that must be there. For examples like a bed, a dress or a cupboard, some accessories’ storages, etc.

So to make it simpler, the small things are united and kept in one storage that you can open it in other times.


Avoid to buy furniture that won’t work placing inside a small girl room. If the girl tells you if she’s bored with the room, you can play with the color only.

Put lots of colorful stuffs that will color up the girl’s day. One color is too monotone so at least fill the room with more than 5 colors. You can divide it into two groups. The first group is the dominant color. And the second group is the decorative color.

The dominant can be placed for the wall paint, blanket, bed sheet, sofa sheet, curtains, and other big size of the things.

And the decorative color can be for the vase, pillow on the sofa, mat, etc.

Besides the colorful things, a girl also likes some unique motives such as zigzag, polkadot, stars, and other pattern textiles.

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