Bedroom Curtain Ideas: What to Consider before Attaching Bedroom Curtains

Curtains are one of important things in your bedroom. Attaching curtains needs some consideration in order to make the look of your bedroom tidy and interesting. The following tips are to inspire you to set a bedroom with curtain inside.

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1. Measure the Curtain Correctly

Before you buy the curtain, you have to measure the curtain that you want to attach. First, you have to know the height and width of the window frames. Either the purpose is to beautify the room or to block sunlight from outside, the curtain is better to be higher and wider than the measurement of the frames.2. Hang It Appropriately

You should not hang the curtain too low. When you hang the curtain too close or even on the same line as the window frame, it means that the placement is too low. It will look weird and not classy. You should hang the curtain 6 inches or even more from the upper window frame. This setting can make the room look bigger.

3. Choose Long Curtain

Don’t ever think to buy a very short curtain. Choosing curtains which can touch the floor is better to give elegant impression to your bedroom.

4. Iron the Curtain after the Washing-up

You’d better to wash the curtain regularly to make it stay clean. However, the curtain may look wrinkled after the washing-up. You may iron the curtain to make the curtain tidy like before.

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5. Choose Suitable Fabric or Texture

Fabric or texture of the curtain is also important to consider. There are a lot of fabric types that you can choose for your bedroom curtain, such as heavy silk, faux silk, velvet, crinkly crushed velvet, silky rayon blend, cotton sateen, cotton blend, linen, billowy linen, and wool. If you want to have formal mood in your bedroom, you can choose silky rayon blend, cotton sateen, and heavy silk or velvety texture. If you want casual mood, the best choice is either billowy linen or crinkly crushed velvet. The ordinary fabric is wool or cotton blend, the fabric gives neat and clean mood to the bedroom.

6. Choose Appropriate Colours

Colour is also important to pay attention. The colour of your curtain should be contrast to the wall colour. However, you need to choose the colour with the same tone as the wall colour, either lighter or darker. You can also put patterned curtain as long as your wall is not patterned and vice versa.

Those are some consideration of bedroom curtain ideas. It’s better to consider first before attaching. Otherwise, you may face inappropriate installation of your bedroom curtain.

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