Bed Canopy with Lights for Any Whimsical Look

Who says fairy tale doesn’t exist in the real world? It does exist. The gate to enter the fairy tale world is by creating a bed canopy with lights. You can feel its magic by staring at every string of sparky light and a good dream will come into your sleep. Yes, a bed canopy and string lights are a perfect combination for a fairy tale look. It also spreads a romantic atmosphere too in your room. So, a thick mattress is not enough to make your cozy sleeping experience, a bed canopy is also important to make an amazing feeling every time the night comes and you are ready for bed time.

Adorable Bedroom Using Bed Canopy With Lights also Sofa plus Benches

History of Bed Canopy

Many years ago, noblemen and lords in medieval Europe used bed canopy as privacy and warmth. They had attendants or butlers who always served them anywhere at anytime, and the butlers often slept with them in the same room. In 1991, bed canopy was the important element in pre-Republican China. It was a part of bride’s dowry. To add significant symbols, the bed was decorated with patterns which showed longevity, fertility, and happy marital life.

Bed Canopy Nowadays

Nowadays, mostly bed canopy adapts the Victorian aesthetic. But it depends on your taste. You can make a bed canopy in a luxurious look, simple look, or maybe fairy-tale look. The good news, you can make it by yourself as it is simple. Here are the materials you can use for the canopy.

1. Hula Hoop

Buy a hula hoop and attach it above your bed. You can use wires or nails to attach the hula hoop on the wall. After that, scatter a piece of curtain on the hula hop line.

2. Two Smaller Hoops

Two smaller hoops can also be a choice in making a canopy. Hang two smaller hoops on the ceiling. Place them above the edge of you bed. After that, hang a transparent curtain in each hoop. To create a whimsical atmosphere, add string of light in each curtain.

Delightful Bed Canopy With Lights Between Dressers plys Charming Sofa

3. Sturdy Branch

If you want to have a nature look, you can use a strong sturdy branch. Hang the sturdy branch on the ceiling using chains. After it is attached, drop a curtain on the branch. Let it loose until it touches the floor. Now you have a shabby chic canopy bed.

4. Curtain Rods

All you need is two curtains rods. Attach the first rod on the ceiling rightly above the bed head. Then attach the another rod around 50 centimeters from the first one. Use a table cloth as a curtain. Hang it on both rods. Now you have Marie Antoinette vibe in your room.

5. Wooden Ladder

If you have a worn wooden ladder abandoned in your warehouse, do not in rush to throw it away. You can think creatively by using that thing to create a bed canopy. Get a carpenter to help you to attach the ladder on the wall. Once it is attached, just hang fabrics on some stairs of the wooden ladder.

Making a bed canopy is simple. All you need is just maximize your creativity and collect any unused things at your home to decorate your bedroom.

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