Beautify Your House With Some Crown Moulding Ideas

By | May 8, 2021

Looking for some crown moulding ideas? Crown moulding is a collection of moldings which are used to beautifully finish the top edge in the corners of your room (or perhaps in a spot where your wall ‘corners’ as in turning). Crown molding is usually installed between your wall and the ceilling, and is used by many in decorating the empty spot that usually looks bland(doors and sometimes window hoods. Admit it; your door looks boring without some decoration right?). Lately, crown moldings came shaped mostly as decorated plaster or wooden cut installed in where the walls meet the ceilings. It is very rare to place it against the walls or backing the ceiling.

Lovely Dining Room Using Crown Moulding Ideas also Table under Chic Chandelier

When viewed from the end (or a cross sectioned spot, if you find it hard to imagine what is a molding’s end is), the spot between the moulding crown, the wall, and the ceiling will be empty. This is the reason why installing crown moulding is sometimes difficult because you would have to make a fine calculcation in cutting the crown moulding and fitting it the with walls and the ceillings. You do not want to have an unfitted crown moulding in your house. It will look very very bad. Do you want people to see you as someone who did mistreated the decorations in your house?

How to Actually Install a Crown Moulding?

There are several ‘common’ ways to design inside corners, but I will tell you about two of them. You can use a miter saw (not that normal saw you usually use to cut wood blocks) to cut the ends of the corner pieces along the two axes at the same time. The other way is called copping, and it is a little bit more time consuming than the first one. You should first cut a simple miter and then to use a saw to undercut the miters (it’s one step longer than the first one, but it is still time consuming).

There is indeed a formula to install a crown moulding, but because I am not well versed in the arts of formulaic calculation and trigonometry, I cannot put the formula in here and leave it unexplained.

Interesting Chandelier Above Dining Table and Chair plus Simple Rugs

Tips on Installing a Crown Moulding

If you decided that you want a crown moulding in your house and you already knew how to install a crown moulding, you should know that there are many crown moulding types out there. There are wood, plaster, polyurethane, and many more. Wooden crown moulding is the most natural out of them all, though you should care for humidity (they will contract and expand because of humidity) when you decide to install a wooden crown moulding.

If you have a curvy room, you should opt for a polyurethane crown moulding instead because they are flexible and will not easily break.

Overall, if you want to add a little touch of art in your house, do not leave its walls and ceilings bare. Put crown mouldings in it, and you will be good to go.

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