Beautiful Ways to Decorate Room with Floor to Ceiling Windows

By | July 1, 2022

Floor to ceiling windows are great decorative statements in a room. They steal the attention from the get go and they let you enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the outdoor area. This type of window is really suitable for houses that are blessed with great sceneries such as beach, mountain, or beautiful garden. Even though it is extremely beautiful, it can be tricky to decorate a room with such large windows. You need to make sure the furniture doesn’t get in the way of the window and nothing will obstruct the beautiful outdoor view. To help you decorate the room properly, here are some ideas to inspire you.

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Access from Kitchen to Outdoor Dining Room Area

Some people think that floor to ceiling windows are only suitable for living room or bedroom. But the fact is kitchen those windows can elevate the beauty and decoration of your kitchen as well. The key in creating pretty kitchen with a very large window is to make sure that you have a bar, dining table or kitchen island on the room. Put it right in front of the window so you can eat your meal while enjoying the view. It is best if you give access from the kitchen to the patio so you can have nice dinner in a beautiful outdoor setting.

Put the Sofa or Bed Right in Front of the Windows

Placement is really important when there are floor to ceiling windows on the room. Whether it is the living room or bedroom, just make sure that you put the sofa and the bed facing the windows. If all of the four walls are replaced with large windows, of course it is okay to put furniture against the window. However, you need to spare one or two sides where you can get unobstructed views of the beautiful outdoor. Choose one of the most beautiful spot that you want to look at, and put the sofa or the bed facing that side.

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Add Some Curtain Treatments

Tall and large windows will not be complete without the addition of some beautiful curtains. Long curtains can increase the overall look of the room and make sure that all the attentions are centered to the windows. For bedroom, it is best if you choose long curtains with puddled ends. These arrangements will make the room feels more romantic, especially if you choose thick and velvety material for the curtains.

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