Beautiful Gray Bedrooms Furniture

The most popular color for bedroom is gray recently. People think that gray bedroom furniture is neutral and perfect for bedroom. Gray is a color which can be both cool and warm and makes the room can be applied in modern, traditional, cottage and other bedroom style.

Marvelous Interior Bedroom Using Chic Bed Between WhiteTable Lamp

Natural Theme

If you have a bedroom with outdoor green view, having a simple white, blue and gray will keep your room balance with the nature. Just like in nature, the balance of both cool and warm colors is crucial to the furniture. It is good idea to choose warm and soft gray to mix with cool shades.

Boy’s Room

Picking up color for boy’s bedroom is hard. The design of the room should be grown up just like him. Choosing blue is so common, but gray will give masculine feel for all ages. It is the best color for teenagers which no longer a kid. The gray shade can give comfort as he grows up. To begin with, you can use soft gray on three walls and ceiling. That will make the room more neutral and cozy. Then paint different color behind the bed to give more blast energy. Moreover, add bling touch with lamps and other accessories. Put the bookcase and study desk.

Calming Bedroom

Neutral color is not always related to boring things. Get the bedroom with gray shades. The room will be more masculine. Try to use many shades of gray which is warm and partnered with camel, cream and taupe tones. You will create the space which makes you feel peaceful. Add some gray furniture to balance the atmosphere.

Sumptuous Wooden Dressers for Perfect Interior Gray Bedroom Furniture Decor

About Art

It is too common to hang art in white walls. However, gray is the best backdrop for contemporary to classic art. The artwork can create different atmosphere to the room. The gray color of wall and furniture can contrast with the artwork. It gives more sophisticated accent to the room.

Soft Perfection

Combining gray color and furniture should be followed by keeping light space. It will help you to give cool feeling. The pattern and texture should be matched as well. If you design monochromatic color, you’d better to create visual eye-catching such as materials, patterns and textures. This can make you more peaceful and calmer but still it has its uniqueness.

Cherished Retreat

To create cozy and warm touch, earth tones are not the only choice. Applying dark color to the wall will make the room more private. Moreover, add gray furniture to make it warmer and calmer.

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Magnificent Bed With Cute Tufted Pillows Between Arch Table Lamps

Nervous Interior Bedroom Using Bed also Dressers Too Luring Chandelier

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Seductive Interior Space Using Gray Furniture also Lavish Background Color

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Wonderful Interior Decor Using White Wall also Gray Bedroom Furniture

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