Beautiful Fireplace Mantels Ideas to Warm Your Home in the Winter

Every home must have a fireplace to warm the room during the winter. The fireplace must have attractive decoration and in accordance with the concept of space. Do not let your fireplace look unattractive because the fireplace is the main part that concerns people who visited the house. The fireplace has a function as important as any other room in your home. Fireplace with a beautiful coat certainly makes room in your house into a more beautiful and neat. Even the fireplace can be the center of family gatherings to enjoy your evening. Maybe some fireplace mantels ideas below can provide inspiration for you.

Awesome Fireplace Mantels Ideas With Shelve Plus Beutiful Painting Decor

Traditional Fireplace Mantel

The first coat has a white color is very pretty. There is a black trim panel so that the fireplace in your home not only white but has a more elegant impression. The decoration was made a fireplace in your house into a traditional look. Additionally, you can also see a very strong contemporary impression. Carving in the fireplace mantle made it even more beautiful because it was not excessive carving so the main focus still lies on the fireplace. The fireplace is a work of art that you can also use the unique wooden mantle. Usually, the fireplace mantle made of stone, but if you get bored with rock material, you can still use wood materials that can display different textures.

Rustic Fireplace Mantel

The magnificent coat was able to steal the attention of everyone. Coats made from old elements such as stone and wood can never be replaced with other materials because no one was able to match the unique texture and color possessed by wood and stone. You can create a mantle of rock material without going through the finishing process so that the texture is still rough. Rustic style house would have been very appropriate when using this coat for a natural stone texture will make the room in your house into a cooler. Additionally, you can put an ornament of an animal head sculpture above the mantle to create a rustic style.

Contemporary Family Room With Cute Fireplace Mantel Ideas also Black Leather Chair

Modern Fireplace Mantel

A coat that looks very sophisticated and clean impressed is usually applied in the home, hotel or apartment is modern because the coat like this is easier to clean than a coat that uses natural stone. Even as this coat has a variety of unique shapes so that the guests probably would not have guessed that it was a fireplace mantle.

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