Beautiful and Simple Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas

Contemporary kitchen cabinets are very popular nowadays due to its timeless beauty and simplicity. This design takes all the glory of modern kitchen design but gives it a special twist that will make the kitchen looks simpler and warmer. Cabinets with contemporary style are really suitable for both big and small kitchen. But it will benefit small kitchen the most because it doesn’t have complicated moldings, its style is also sleek and unadorned so you will have more space for storage. If you want to equip your kitchen with this beautiful cabinet style, here are some design keys you should not miss.

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Play with Colors Instead of Decorative Trims

The best thing about contemporary kitchen cabinets is its simple and sleek look. Unlike traditional style cabinets, the beauty doesn’t come from the complicated trims and decorative carvings. Contemporary cabinets’ features should be clean and plain with simple door hardware. Since the cabinets don’t feature decorative trim, you need to play with colors to beautify them. White, black and grey are the main colors in contemporary kitchen. Those colors are able to make the simple kitchen look more expensive and luxurious. But you don’t have to stick with those basic colors. You can also play with bright tropical colors like yellow or orange. But it is best to sparks some white or grey here and there to neutralize the brightness.

Go with Metal or Glass

There are many materials you can use for contemporary style cabinets. But if you want to make the overall look of the kitchen goes more elegant, it is best if you use metal and glass for the cabinet doors. Metal like stainless steel will elevate the beauty of the cabinets in an instant without having to add any decorative materials. If sleek metal look is too simple for your taste, you can try incorporating glass on the cabinet door. It will be a very good idea if you want to showcase your silverware collection inside the cabinets.

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Add Wood Veneer Treatment to Make the Kitchen Warmer

Stainless steel is beautiful and elegant. But it can make your kitchen feels cold and distant. If you want to elevate the warm vibe in your kitchen, you can use wood veneer for the cabinet material. It can elevate the natural vibe as well if you choose wood veneer with grain pattern. Wood veneer is warm and pretty but it is more modern than real wood so it is very suitable for contemporary kitchen cabinets.

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