Bathroom Towel Hooks Ideas and Materials

By | October 19, 2020

Hooks have function to keep things neat and tidy when you don’t wear them. Children are sometimes careless to put back their things in proper place. Going back from school and they just put off the uniforms and throw them on bed. This also happens after shower, towels are untidy. To change the attitude, you need bathroom towel hooks.

Best Bathroom Decor With Tosca Wall also Steel Towel Hooks

Eight Ideas with Bathroom Towel Hooks

1. Robins Way

When you want to change your bathroom to be like an art gallery, try this decor. Put all the towels in a row for a focal point. Don’t forget to hang the dog’s towel too and of course its leash.

2. Lakestone

This idea will suite you if having four or five kids. Design a special bathroom for them with bright color and resembles a lake. Choose blue color to create cold atmosphere. You can add green for some cabinets. Buy towels with animal prints which kids mostly like.

3. Beach Style

If your house is exactly near the seashore, then this concept will suit you. Outdoor shower is easy to access after you are done soaking, surfing, or sun bathing. Hang the towels there and it will give you a handy access. Wash yourself under the outdoor shower and dry yourself with the towel before you get into the house.

4. Modern Cottage

By allocating each hook for each family member can avoid towel pilfering. If necessary, put an initial name on each hook. So everybody will know their place and no need to argue who uses the towel.

5. Hooks with Decals

Combining hooks with decals transforms the towel hooks into art. This tree decal is neutral and you can paste it either in bathroom or bedroom.

6. Colorful Flair

Leaving the wall and towel hooks unpainted while putting other colorful objects in bathroom will give a beautiful contrast view. Enjoy soaking with warm water in bath tub can relax your nerves, while enjoy looking around the colorful things can relax your mind.

Unique Bathroom With Colorful Painting also Towel Hooks and Toilet

7. Rustic Bathroom

Adding wood elements in your bathroom will turn its aesthetic into a rustic one. Separate the shower room with toilet using cedar and nail the towel hooks on the cedar.

8. Dandelion House

This is another concept of having separating wall in the bathroom. Place the towel hooks near the wash basin and you can step outside the shower room after you are done to dry yourself.

Construction Materials for Towel Hooks

Towel hooks have different materials. But these three materials are the most commonly used:

• Metal (aluminum, copper, brass, nickel, and stainless steel)

• Plastic as this is durable, lightweight, and cheap

• Wood for any rustic nuance

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