Bathroom Tiles Ideas and Useful Tiles Buying Tips

One of the most important rooms of a house is the bathroom. How can we stay at a place without it? Beside we make ourselves clean and fresh, we also make a bathroom as the place where we can hide from the “world” for a moment. Surely, we need to make our bathroom as cozy as possible. One of the most important parts of a bathroom is its tiles. Tiles do make something different to a room including bathroom. It seems very easy to choose tiles for our bathroom that we just simply go to home improvement stores and pick the ones we love. That’s all. Well, you know when you are at that kind of store you’ll be a bit confused since tiles are available variously, and all of them look great in appearance. You obviously need tips to shop for bathroom tiles.

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Tips to buy bathroom tiles:

1. Home improvement stores spring up like mushrooms, so stick to only one of them. Make sure you learn the store from its website first to have the best one offering high quality goods and best price.

2. In the store, pick only three best of all according to the store assistant after he/she explains them.

3. Pick the ones that a must for you to have.

4. Ask yourself, are you a person who likes to clean up your bathroom? If you think you don’t really like cleaning up your bathroom, choose the tiles with maintenance free and don’t choose the ones made from natural stones.

5. Make sure you buy with the right quantity of tiles. Measure your bathroom first before you buy tiles.

If you still need ideas to inspire you to have the best tiles for your bathroom you will have to consider ideas below that hopefully will get you inspired.

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Bathroom tiles ideas:

1. Find in your bathroom the most important part for you. For instance, the important one is the shower part, so make this part different from the others by having different color or style tiles of which have lower water absorption level than the tiles for floors.

2. If money is not the issue for you then it will be great if you cover all part of the bathroom with tiles that are different in size, shape, color, texture, and pattern. This really will make your bathroom not only look interesting and refreshing, but also easy to clean at the same time.

3. The floor of bathroom is very important. It needs a great quality of tiles with a correct water absorption level. Consult experts or ask the home improvement assistants to explain vividly about the water absorption level matter.

4. To make something different, consider borders as well. This will also help you—who don’t prepare much money for bathroom tiles, make your bathroom look bold.

5. If you are on budget, consider wainscoting. You don’t have to cover up the whole bathroom with tiles, you can just install tiles half of bathroom walls and for the rest of the walls you can paint them with glossy or semi glossy paints. This will really make you easy to clean your bathroom which appears to be more beautiful with wainscoting.

What do you think? It is hope that the article about bathroom tiles ideas will make you more knowledgeable. Good Luck!

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