Bathroom Paint Ideas in Most Popular Colors

By | January 22, 2022

Applying the right bathroom paint ideas is the right way to set your mood inside the bathroom. Before you choose certain paint for your bathroom, make sure you bring the samples to see under the room’s lighting. Compare it to the tile colors, counters and flooring to prevent crash tone for the unflattering mixing.

Add White Pedestal Sink and Bathtub for Simple Room using Grey Bathroom Paint Ideas with Hardwood Flooring

Natural Neutral Colors

For a modern bathroom, Zen or spa-like bathroom design is the trendiest today. And such bathrooms use neutral colors for the design. Designers often choose gray as the neutral color applied after white and beige. Many designers also recommend to apply natural materials like matchstick blinds and jute rug. Pair the colors of smoke embers with the beige tiles, or Manchester tan with the gray and beige. Besides, muted tones of green and blue are also favorite colors for spa bathrooms. If you love darker colors, you can choose deep earth colors such as rusty red, moss green, chocolate brown, or yellowish-brown.

Popular Color Themes

Beach color theme is the most popular theme chosen for bathrooms. You can apply muted or pale blues mixed with crisp white cabinetry and trim, as well as soft sand color tiles that gives perfect look of beach colors.

If you love a bathroom in the Old World of Tuscan look, then you have to choose earthy and warm colors for the walls, such as burnt orange, terracotta, ocher, and mustard. Add rustic cabinetry as the backdrop, oil-rubbed or copper faucets and sinks, and also wrought iron hardware. Add the dimension and depth by applying faux texture with color wash. Apply lion yellow and coat with golden mist of Benjamin Moore to create golden yellow walls. Besides, you also can add accents in sage green or olive color, deep purple, cobalt blue, plum, or poppy red.

Combine Purple and White Paint for Lovely Bathroom Paint Ideas in Traditional Room with White Chair and Cozy Bathtub

Inspirations from the Architectures

To get the bathroom paint ideas, you can get the inspirations from the architecture style of your home. If you have Victorian style home, then you can choose soft neutral colors like gray or white, with gold or dusty yellow, muted greens, powdery blues, purples, or muddy pinks as the color palettes. Add textured or floral wallpaper as well as vintage bathtub and pedestal sink to improve the classic look.

Colors that Bring Good Mood

Choosing colors for your bathroom must be able to bring good feeling and also brighten your bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, then let much natural light comes into the space and then paint the walls in white. Add white crisp trim and accents of light beige to make clean and casual look inside the bathroom. Otherwise, you can apply other colors that bring good mood as the best bathroom paint ideas.

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